Early start!

Yesterday was pretty much a non event, I didn\’t accomplish a lot, but Marcela finished replanting the flowers behind the gazebo, in the piece of garden she has loving de-weeded!

Marcela\’s new garden

We had to go food shopping in the afternoon, there was nothing left in the cupboard, after the families visit  last thursday!

I bought some more paint and wood stain, so I can get on with the outside of the house, I also had to buy a blanket for my new reclining armchair, someone has decided they will pinch it when I am not looking, and it isn\’t Marcela! I think I might as well remove the dog bed, because it isn\’t used anymore.
\”Just you try to move me Dad!…\”

This morning we were both up, myself at the usual time, and Marcela at an abnormally early hour for her, because my dental appointment was at 8.40am.

I saw the Specialist, who gave me two options, the first was a non-starter, and that was to remove the crown, clean the inside and replace it with a new one, the second option is to drill into the rear of the crown, and drain everything, then insert a strong drug to kill any bacteria, then the following week return to have the access hole filled with resin, with this there are no guarantees, because drilling into the tooth will weaken it, but it is the cheaper option, and I am not entering any white teeth competitions. Unfortunately whilst telling us this, the Specialist decided to burst my abscess, and drain it, which because I was not suspecting this, brought tears to my eyes, he then told Marcela I should do the same as it starts to refill, I\’m not sure I can, pain is not my thing!
We then went and had breakfast, and collected my Holdall, the buckle having been replaced, on leaving the town, we skirted around and visited the Carpenter, to ask why they had not turned up on Monday, he packed his haversack, and jumped in with us, came back, and adjusted both doors, one of which now needs staining, and he hadn\’t thought to bring that with him, so I have said, that when we are passing, if he gives us a bit of the same stain, I will do it.
Now it is 11.40am, and time for me to do a bit of work, if there is anything interesting I will post an update later.

Busy afternoon, Marcela was having problems with her swimming pool pump/filter, so that took her most of the afternoon.

I started painting the outside of the house, and then turned to a bit of gardening, I pruned the mandarin, then there was one fruit tree that needed to come out, I started to dig down, and spent more time removing stone and brick, and then realised, I wasn\’t going to get to the roots, when they had demolished the old fincas, they had piled the rubble up around the trunk, and surprisingly it had survived, and started sprouting other roots, don\’t ask me what it is called, I have never seen one before, but it has a small fruit that turns red, and is very acid, apparently it makes a nice juice, but there aren\’t enough to do that, so I ended up digging down a couple of feet, and then sawing through the trunk.

There is also a mango tree outside the workshop window, it has been cut once, at some stage in the past, but I have had another go, and will be continuing to attack it later this week.

Haceb, the domestic appliance manufacturer, sent out their Service Engineers this evening to look at the oven, that has been electrocuting Marcela, and their was a problem it was wired up incorrectly, it is just as well we are on 110v and not 220v. Now it is working great, and they have changed the nozzles on the hob, and that to will now cook a dinner in under four hours!!!!!!

Day now finished, and tomorrow, we are out most of the day, shopping for security cameras, alarm systems, amongst other things.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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