Final Straw

Yesterday was Labour Day! A National and worldwide holiday, so we had visitors, Maria Elena, Sandra and Sebastian, they came on the bus, apparently it took them about 45 minutes from home, with a grand tour of the Veredas to finish off.

Sebastian spent the day in the pool, despite, it being cloudy weather, and not that inviting, then about 4pm, we all, including Pépe, piled into the car, and we took them home.

Unfortunately that was not the end of the day, because later on, Marcela came in fuming, someone had come along during the evening and stolen three more plants, that was the final straw, as far as Marcela was concerned, and at nearly midnight, she was out in the road, digging up all the flowering plants, and bringing them into the garden.Sorry, no photos, my Camera / Mobile would have got water logged!

I thought I would do my bit, and started to make a sign to put on the fence, but thanks to a Microsoft update, my computer decided it wouldn\’t open any programs, and wouldn\’t print anything, I did two system restores with only partial success, and this morning I had to remove and re-install one of the Printers.

Today has been dismal, it started off overcast, but Marcela and I weeded all the ground behind the Kiosk, and then it started to rain, and then bucket down. I had my dental appointment at 2pm, so went off for a shower and a tooth scrubbing, although why I had the shower I have no idea, I was absolutely soaked whilst in Copacabana the heavens had emptied everything it had on top of us.

I went for my appointment, not good news, there is a bad infection above the tooth with the crown, the crown itself is in a great state of repair, so instead of drilling up through the tooth, they plan to reverse the operation…yes, operation! and come in from above and not touch the tooth, the worse news is that the Health Service will not cover the cost. However there is a possible solution, because apparently, if you have a crown, and they clean the nerve / root correctly before fitting the crown, you should never have a problem.
I have an appointment to see the Health Service Specialist on Monday at 8.45am (Marcela nearly had a dickie fit, she doesn\’t do early mornings) to see what needs doing, and how much it would cost. Marcela on our return contacted the Dentist I used two and a half years ago, and they are prepared to consider doing the work, so I also have an appointment with them on Tuesday.

In the mean time, the Dentist gave me another prescription for tablets, this time no penicillin. Whilst Marcela went off to the Town Hall on an enquiry, I went to the chemist and bought my tablets, but I can\’t do anything right, when I told Marcela how much they cost, I nearly had to get her a ladder to come down off the Town Hall roof, and off we marched to the chemist, where Marcela gave them a lecture, and the tablets back, and we got a refund. Turns out that there is nearly always a generic tablet for any expensive one, and you always buy that, so you ask the price and if it is expensive, you ask if there is a generic replacement, if it is a good chemist, you will be offered the cheaper option. Off we went to the second chemist and got them half price.

Then it was off top a local shoe repair shop, I had seen them on another occasion repairing a suitcase, and my travel holdall, which I need for the UK is minus one security strap, thanks to Pépe, who had eaten the buckle when he was a puppy. Yes, they could repair it, with a new plastic clip / buckle £1.80, and Marcela thought that was expensive!!!! it will be ready lunchtime tomorrow, so we will pick it up Monday, as we are not here tomorrow.

Tomorrow, we are having a day out, it is a National Motorcycle Show in Medellin,\’Feria de la 2 Ruedas\’, it is a big event, I am looking forward to it.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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