Living amongst Thieves!

Yesterday, I took it easy under orders from the Boss! My discomfort, disappeared during the day, thank goodness, I am finishing the course of medication, but it looks as if things are back to normal.

This morning it was back into the swing of things, I took Pépe for his walk, gave him his breakfast, then jumped on the bike and headed down to the cash till, to do a Bank transfer, I have bought two Riddex plug in gadgets, we are being inundated with bugs, the fumigation appears to have made matters worse not better, OK there are not many cockroaches now, but they have been replaced by a number of other nasties, and we will resort to any means to put a stop to them. Whether Riddex work or not, seems to depend on which review site you go on, we live in hope.

Back home, I had my coffee, then fitted the security bars in the openings in the workshop, Marcela had collected them yesterday, unfortunately Don Jorge, had welded some extras on the outside of the frame, to be built into the wall, but as I did not want to destroy what had just been finished, I ground them off, and drilled holes in the frames for fixing.

I woke Marcela who was due to go off and do some official paperwork gathering, and then I watered the plants outside. After I had finished the Caretaker from over the road, came out, and pointed out that someone had stolen one of our plants, and carefully  spread the earth, so you wouldn\’t know they had been taken…Bast@@ds!!! I hadn\’t noticed.  He advised us, that anything nice will be stolen, and he recommended filling the front border with greenery only, and no flowers.  Another man then stopped, and offered us a Palm for 10000 COP, or about £4, so we said depending on what it looked like we would have it.

I then started moving the flowering plants, so they were nearer the back of the border, and not readily available for sticky fingers. Our neighbour from across the road, stopped again, on his way back from his morning coffee, and asked if I would like to have a look around the estate, I jumped at the chance.

The neighbours, have a huge garden, the main house has fallen into an irreparable state, apparently when the Parents died, the Kids were not interested in the house, they kept on the Caretaker, in a separate Finca, but the main house is falling down, they come and camp in it at week-ends. However the gardens are another matter, the Caretaker and his wife obviously love gardening, it is well tended, and full of lovely flowers, orchids and many others I have no idea of the names.

He gave us a present of a wheel barrow load of greenery for the front border, there are still nice people about, so I said I would return his containers as soon as I had planted out.


Whilst I was re-organising the border, the second man came back with a rather moth eaten Palm, but still worth the cash, even though I think he had nicked it from somewhere else!  He tried for double his money, but I just ignored him, and he went away.

Marcela then left, and I continued pottering, then this afternoon, my chair arrived, that\’s it, now, I will have to guard it with my life, Marcela has taken a liking to it, but I said she had her chance, and declined.
Later, I saw Marcela outside talking to Conrado\’s Wife, apparently the Caretaker\’s dog from over the road, had been up on our border trying to get to Pépe, and in so doing had snapped one plant in two, and sent a lot of compost onto the road, Marcela had chased it off. Our neighbour then told us that we should remove anything with colour, it will be stolen, just plant greenery as the other neighbour has said earlier, so I guess over the next few days, we will see all our plants disappear, we haven\’t got anywhere to plant them amongst the debris at the moment.  We are seriously thinking of installing a security camera on the rear of the workshop.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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