The saga continues…

This morning I took Pépe for his walk, and my hands were feeling much better, but my feet were still giving me gip…

Back, and after his breakfast and my coffee, it was time to start painting, as I have a roller shutter door on the workshop, it is nearly always open, and I keep forgetting it needs painting, so I set to, and did the top half, and left it to dry.

Once Marcela was up and ready we headed out, but to be honest it was nearly midday! As we left, we noticed that someone had ripped one of the celosia\’s out of the border, taking one of the heads, and leaving the rest of the plant lying there, I won\’t print my words here, but they were fairly strong! On arrival at the shopping centre we had lunch, before getting started.

I then nipped to HomeCenter to get light bulbs for the standard lamp, and Marcela started the food shop, not that we needed much, but as we were there…

From there we moved down the road to buy Pépe\’s anti flea / tick  treatment, and Marcela bought her chemicals for spraying the trees for bugs.

Then it was back to Copacabana, I had to see a Doc at 3pm to have my last prescription changed from the previous Health Service Provider to the current one, true to form, Doctor sat in his office doing nothing at 2.40pm, \”You\’ll have to wait until 3pm!\”, so we took a seat, and two or three minutes later, he obviously thought better of it, and gave us the new prescription, which we then took up the road and collected. As we left he reminded me to make an appointment to start on their Blood Pressure Clinic, he doesn\’t know yet that my next appointment will be my last, as far as BP is concerned. I have had confirmation today, that we have been accepted with SOS, so I can now tell SURA where to stick their crappy service.

On the way home, we stopped off and bought some more plants for the front border, one is a miniature variegated grass, the other is a small purple shrub with tiny white flowers, so we now have a clump of each at each end of the border, that is if no one has other ideas.

Planting done, I finished painting the workshop roller door, with the exception of the padlock hasps, which I will paint in the morning, by the time I had finished that, my feet were killing me, I could have screamed, so I went upstairs for a hot shower.

However, I had to pay a call of nature first, and there was a horrendous pain from my fruit bowl, and when I looked, one of the apples was double the size of the other, and solid to the touch, Marcela happened to come passed, as I was going in the shower, and confirmed I had a problem.

I certainly do have a problem now, because I don\’t have the additional cover on the Health Service, thanks to SURA, she has called out a Doctora under the car Insurance, (don\’t ask me, I have no idea how this works,) but you read it right, a Doctora, a lady, bad enough a Doctor coming out for a fondle, and yes I know they have seen it all before, but it doesn\’t make it any easier. I am just hoping it is connected with the allergic reaction to Penicillin, but as my last capsule was yesterday morning, Marcela doesn\’t think so!

8.30pm and the gate bell goes, not just one female, but three!!!! a Junior Doctor, her Boss, and a Nurse, fortunately it was far from embarrassing, the swelling is an inflammation, they do not think is connected with the allergy, and they have no idea what caused it, I have been given an injection in the posterior, and have got to go and get some medication tomorrow, if it is needed. Incident over!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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