Thank you Alexander Fleming!!

You live and learn… during yesterday afternoon, my feet felt sore, I couldn\’t understand why, and thought maybe it was a problem with my sandals, but looking back I should have known that was not the answer, as they have been my old faithful s for so long.

Last night, we sat and watched a couple of films, it was a nice change, we haven\’t done that since before Christmas.

This morning Pépe allowed me to stay in bed until 7.30am, then I took him out for his walk, again my feet were playing havoc, and when I looked at my hands, the spots/rash was spreading, and it is becoming painful to  move my fingers. Suddenly the light came on…I have developed an allergy to Penicillin! that\’s two on my list now, shellfish, and now this, but at least this is just a painful rash and not anaphylactic. I will stop taking the tablets, and just have to wait it out until it is out of my system, but it is going to  cause problems workwise, because I can\’t grip anything.


My hands are starting to feel a bit more mobile, although my feet are still suffering, it feels as if I am walking barefoot on pebbles all the time, hopefully by tomorrow that will have eased. I took an antihistamine tablet, this afternoon and slept which helped.

Last night, prior to watching the films, there was an odd phenomenon, a storm had moved in and there was thunder and lightening overhead, we were sat in the dining room, when I noticed a couple of insects flying around, we are not sure if they were moth or mosquito related, but Pépe immediately took an interest, and caught more as they came under the door, a tasty little snack… I went to the door, and all our outside lights were surrounded in millions of these insects, no exaggeration, there were millions, as one of those lights was immediately outside the entrance door, and the switch is outside, I had no intention of opening it, it reminded me of the film \’The Birds\’, venture outside at your own risk.

As the rain eased they seemed to disappear, however this morning the footpaths under each of the lights, was carpeted in these dead insects, what brought them to the lights, and what caused them to die we have no idea, something I have never come across before.


Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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