Another damp day!

An early report today, it is only 2.20pm, and 20 minutes ago the heavens opened…again! so there will be nothing else happening today.

I got up this morning after a horrific storm last night, all night, I was sat here thinking, thank goodness, at least this roof doesn\’t leak, then I went into my bathroom, and sure enough there was water running down the wall, then a few minutes later Marcela called me into her shower room, and water was coming through the ceiling woodwork, which to be honest was not a surprise as the two are connected, but considering the strength of the wind and the rain, we were lucky that was all we suffered from.

The swimming pool cover had stretched under the weight of the water, Marcela had suggested just letting the water from the cover into the pool, if it had been clean, I would have agreed, but it was full of seeds from the mango tree, in which case why use a cover at all? I had adapted the old pump for Marcela this morning, by putting the cable with the motor cut off float into a plastic tube, so it would keep running, and she set to pumping out the water, as I set off for Copacabana.

I wanted to get my Superglue, to put on my thumb, I had taken the dressing off to have a shower this morning, and immediately it started bleeding again, I put on a plaster, but as soon as I went in the shower, it came off, that is one thing you can\’t buy here, a decent box of plasters! I also needed some cable for the striplight I bought for the workshop, I had not got as much as I thought. More Penicilin as the Pharmacy yesterday, only had a pack of three, and I needed five.

On the way, I started feeling pain in my hands, and on closer examination, a number of lumps had appeared,  on the hands, and fingers, I can only describe them as looking and feeling like chilblains, I haven\’t had those since I lived in the UK, I thought you only suffered from them in the cold, and you definitely can\’t describe here as cold, I think it must be an allergic reaction to something.

Once in Copacabana, I made straight for the hardware store I had found previously, bought the cable and Superglue, and asked for the light bulbs for my new standard lamp, but they didn\’t sell that size fitting, neither did any of the other shops I visited.

The first Chemist I went to, only had packs of 40  amoxal tablets, so again I moved on, and fortunately the next sold them loose, still in foil, but the number you required, so I bought an extra one for luck, I think even after the first one, they are working, the pain has definitely subsided, but still sore to the touch.

Then I called at the Panaderia to buy hot buñuelos to have with our coffee, the poor girl hadn\’t a clue what I was saying, another customer gave her my order, I apologised for the spanish of a Gringo, which made her smile, and then she listened, and we had a conversation, this is the problem I find here, people haven\’t got a lot of patience, if your accent is slightly off, it is as if they shut off,but if they take the time, they realise you can converse with them, we ended up laughing about it, and back to the car I went.

On the way home, I stopped off at the garden centre again, I forgot to mention yesterday, that we had bought three roses for the road side border, on Thursday, we we need to start building on that, so I bought some colour to front the border, I am no flower expert, but I can keep them alive, and know what I like to see, so I bought ten Celosias and five \’nice looking plants\’!

Back home, work came to a stop, first it was Superglue on my thumb…job done, it\’s like a second skin, it doesn\’t stop the pain, and you still have to be careful, I have worn a glove since gluing it! but it takes away the sting, because the air doesn\’t get to the wound, and no worrying about bleeding. After that it was buñuelos and coffee, then Marcela helped me plant the new arrivals.

Getting there!

Now we will buy clumps of plants to fill the space in-between these and the fence.

I then went into the workshop to start installing my strip light, but was soon called upon to assist the Swimming Pool Caretaker, the newly adapted pump is working, although one part of it is causing a problem, mainly due to the pipe size provided being wrong for the hose, I have done a temporary connection, but Marcela will have to return to the shop, to get it sorted.
Striplight finally installed and working, my hands were really giving me some pain, so I have just taken an antihistamine tablet, and will have a doze, in the hope it has gone when I wake up. 

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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