Thank God that\’s over!

Not long after my last post, I suddenly felt as if I was living in a freezer, it came on like the flick of a switch, with no warning, I went straight to bed, but I was freezing, and thirsty at the same time, consequently, drinking water all the time, I didn\’t sleep, because I was continually going to the bathroom!

Yesterday, I felt a smidgen better, I had to get up as we had appointments that I didn\’t want to miss, I dosed myself up on medication and off we went, firstly to look as more granite samples for the kitchen worktop, and we think we are finally there, we will have to wait and see now.

From there we went to SOS, and saw our friend from Comfenalco, apparently when they closed their health service down they just fired her, she told Marcela she was so hard up, she sold her hair for money to live on!

Anyway, I am now signed up to transfer to them from June 1st, I am just waiting for the paperwork, I will only accept it is going to happen once I have that.

Then it was into the center of Medellin to a Swimming Pool Accessory shop, they reckon they can adapt our new Pump/Filter to work with our pool, and that should be ready to pick up later today.

Finally it was back to Niquia, we had lunch, and then bought my reclining armchair, which hopefully will be delivered early next week, there was a query as to whether they would deliver to a Vereda, many companies wont, because the access roads are little more than tracks, as ours is asphalt all the way, there is no problem, otherwise, it might have been a trailer job.

Back home, I helped Marcela pump out the water that had accumulated on the swimming pool cover, and then started feeling ill again, so it was back to bed. However fortunately I slept through the night, Marcela says I snored for most of it!! and woke this morning feeling fine, with the exception of a sore throat, Marcela thinks it was another dose of flu, so much for the Colombian flu jab!

This morning have finished shelving out the pantry, it is now in use, and I can at last move on to another job.

Just need to fill it now!

Whilst I was finishing this off, the man from Corona arrived regarding our complaint over the swimming pool grout.

Yes… that Corona!

He started off by saying that any grout that is submerged will change colour…rubbish! I pointed out that on the box, it states that there might be a \’slight\’ change in colour, not change to a totally different colour, I then left Marcela to it, because I knew I would lose my temper with him.

He had that sort of face you could….

I was called back twice, firstly to find out how much I mixed at a time, and then he wanted to see the tools I had used to apply it, fortunately I had used professional grouting floats, so that flawed two more of his arguments. Marcela stated that before he left he admitted that he had two more customers to see with exactly the same complaint. We now have to wait for a decision to be made as to what they will do, if anything.

This afternoon, I am dreading, I have my appointment with the Dentist, I just hope he doesn\’t try to lance this lump, otherwise I am likely to hit the roof, and him/her on the way!


Bad but not as bad as it could have been, the Dentist, a she, said it is an abscess, I need an x-ray, but unlike previously, they don\’t do their own, I have had to have another appointment for that, next Friday, it could go one of two ways, either the crown work done when I first came here, was not done correctly, and caused the infection, in which case I will have to pay for the work to be corrected, i.e. drill up through the crown and kill the root, or if it is not connected to that work, it will just cost me the price of the appointments, 9500 pesos (£2.90) to drain the infection, either way, at some point this is going to hurt…In the mean time I have had to buy a course of penicillin, to try and relieve the infection.

We then went into the City to collect Marcela\’s swimming pool filter/pump, and back to our favourite store in Niquía, to buy a brushcutter, there is no point in buying a lawnmower here, nothing is flat, and I don\’t think it ever will be, so I have just bought a cheap petrol brushcutter, it will only take five minutes to do the lot. I also bought a  shrunken standard lamp, I don\’t know what else to call it, it only stands about three feet high, with three adjustable branches, which will be ideal for reading when I get my new chair, a few other bits and pieces and then back home.

True to form, I tend to have the accidents, as my Brother had the ailments, so whilst opening a package, I speared my thumb with the scissors, I don\’t do things by halves, the scissors went right in. I let it bleed a while, then Marcela bandaged it up for me. I had intended to take that off tonight, and cover the wound with Superglue, only I found my Superglue has gone hard in the bottle, so it will have to wait until tomorrow. Funny how you learn things, Superglue was originally invented for the military, to use on such occasions, and once in the UK, I split my head open I was taken to hospital, they used Superglue to seal the wound, brilliant stuff… when you\’ve got it.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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