There was not much to report yesterday, I woke after torrential storms overnight, to find the cover of the swimming pool full of water, so after taking Pépe for his walk, I started bailing out, and after 90 buckets, I decided this was a job for two, so went and woke the swimming pool Caretaker! then we finished removing most of the water. Unfortunately we could not just let it go into the pool, because it was full of mango seeds from the tree.

After breakfast, we got ready and went off to fulfil some official appointments in Bello, which took us longer than anticipated, our first one was to go and look at some granite samples for the kitchen worktop, to replace the stainless steel, the Boss had made himself scarce, and his Secretary and another man, showed us the samples, but stated they didn\’t know the prices, which was a load of old cobblers, they had been instructed to show us the expensive samples, in the hope we would cover their costs of removing the stainless steel top, but we didn\’t know this at the time, and were told the Boss would ring us today with a price for the two options we had chosen.

Then it was off to the Commercial Centre, where I found my one luxury… I have been biding my time before buying it, and that is a reclining armchair, I had one in Spain, and spent my evenings reading or watching TV sat in a reclined position, we were told that if we had an UNE card, (Public Utilities) we would receive discount, we had one, we just had to find it, and now we have, so another visit is on the cards. I gave Marcela the option, we could have gone for the reclining sofa, but she wants a rocking chair, so having she has been warned that stealing my seat in the evening, is not even to enter her head!!!!!

There was rain again in the night, but nothing compared to previously, I decided it was time to get on with the pantry, firstly I painted the walls again, then all the framework. Marcela came down, and I heard her shouting at Pépe… he is lucky to be alive, he had chewed the border of the new swimming pool cover, it cost a bomb, I was not happy, but we didn\’t see him do it, so what can you do? he tried again later, but Marcela has the eyes of a hawk, and he didn\’t get the opportunity. Why he has started this I have no idea, it has been there over a week, and he hadn\’t touched it.

During breakfast, Marcela spoke with Alexander the Boss of the Kitchen top firm, and he quoted 2.4 million pesos, just for the top, that was nearly half the price of the total kitchen, I didn\’t bat an eyelid, I just advised Marcela to tell him to get stuffed, and contact the company we have the contract with, which she did, and gave them our budget, later Alexander rang again, and said he had a lot of cheaper options, in our price range, if we wanted to call back, so we are going tomorrow morning.

After breakfast whilst the paint was drying in the pantry, I hitched up the trailer, and headed off to buy the rebar for the septic tank lids, then to the garden centre to buy ten bags of soil, and 30 swinglea (swinglea glutinosa) as hedging, along the raised front border, so that we will be able to remove the green construction screening, which is horrible, but a necessity. This time, everything was tied securely in the trailer, and nothing moved.

Back home, we unloaded the cargo, and then I started spreading the soil on the raised border, it made a big difference, however, then, in the distance I heard the ominous sound of rolling thunder, so I told Marcela that if she wanted to help plant, it was now or never. Out she came, dressed for the part, garden gloves, and trowel, I showed Marcela how to plant them, and after one, the phone rang and that was the last I saw of my assistant ha!ha!  I think she had it planned.

Hedging in to join a few saved plants already there!

Hedging planted, and watered in, the rain came, and that put paid to my other plans of cutting all the shelving for the pantry, because I am cutting most of it out of a 8\’ x 4\’ sheet of OSB, it has to be done in the parking area, so that was the manual work done for the day.

I have been suffering with severe tooth ache for a while now, and have been mouth washing with Bicarbonate of soda for a week, it has eased, but whilst having my shower, I happened to look in the mirror, and on my top gum in the centre of my mouth is what I can only describe as Mount Vesuvius, how I never noticed it before I don\’t know, anyway, I have an appointment with the Dentist on Friday afternoon, which I am now dreading.

Also today I finally persuaded Marcela to ring another Health Service Provider on my behalf, it is based at the other end of the country, which has put Marcela off, however I am fed up of the excuses being given by SURA as to why I can\’t have the complementary plan, firstly it was because I had Blood Pressure, and they didn\’t take on people with this problem, then it was not that, it was because I am obese… no I\’m not, I\’ve lost 21kg since coming here, and last week they rang and said, if I went for a Medical and was Ok\’d by the Doc, they would accept me, I heard no more, and to be honest, I don\’t trust them. So Marcela rang SOS, and recognised the voice, it was a girl from the Company I was with originally, they will take me no problems, same terms as before, it just means we have to travel to Niquía, fifteen minutes down the road, rather than going to Copacabana, which is no hardship. So tomorrow, we are going to sign up with them, I can\’t actually change until 31st May, but I can get all the paperwork in place, and then tell SURA where to go.

This afternoon, we have both been researching on the computer, and now it is time to give Pépe his tea, so I will sign off for now.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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