Nice day today!

Had a leisurely get up this morning 6.30am, and that was before Pépe! went for our walk, and there were people already making their way for their various Religious Processions. Coffee, and then the family showed their faces.

I was going to shelve out the Pantry today, but changed my mind, there were too many people wandering in and out of the kitchen, so instead, I started the task of installing a door bell, or to be more precise a gate bell, we keep the gate locked, for two reasons, firstly, we are not always in sight of the gate, so wouldn\’t know who is wandering in, and secondly, if anyone opened the gate and didn\’t close it, Pépe would be gone! Therefore if anyone wants to speak to us, they have to shout from the road, and if we are upstairs or the downstairs door is shut we don\’t always hear it, so I bought a wired industrial bell, one of those round red fire alarm types, and just had to wire it.

The problem was get power to the bell switch outside the gate, I had to get it from the workshop, on a permanent feed, which was handy, I took a feed from the security light, fed it from the back of the workshop in tubular conduit, high enough to clear the gate when it is sliding open, and then along the perimeter fence, again in conduit to the gate post.

I only stopped to allow the religious procession to pass by without disturbing the hordes of Folk involved, unfortunately one of the religious stations was outside next door, so it wasn\’t that quick, we also turned our music down, as the family were in the pool, but it didn\’t stop Sebastian shrieking!!

As the people from the procession came back down the hill later, I got some disapproving looks, but stuff them, I\’m not Catholic, and I am not religious, I respected their beliefs, they should do the same, but this area is very high Church, it seems to be their lives, so I don\’t think we will be doing much social mixing, not that we are bothered, it suits us that way. \’Father Murphy\’, must be raking in the lolly, he has been spouting on for two days, and I guess he will continue all weekend, unfortunately it doesn\’t just affect those in church, he uses a microphone and loud speakers, so that everyone on the mountain can hear him, they also have an electronic church bell, that sounds like an Industrial Klaxon to call people to church, it is horrendous, it reminds me of the 60\’s TV series The Prisoner with Patrick McGoohan,  I have only heard bells that bad once before and that was in Spain, when I had a holiday home in Alcalali, the adjoining Village, Parcent had the same problem.

Anyway back to the present… I stopped to cook a BBQ lunch, Marcela and the girls had done all the preparation, so I only had to cook, it was lovely. Then it was back to work, and the Bell was finished and works.

Tomorrow, we are taking the family out for a \’Dogger\’ lunch, there is method in our madness, we need some shopping, Sebastian has cleared out the food stocks! So rather than disappear and leave them fending for themselves, they are coming with us.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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