What a Bummer!

Another early start, we were both in the pool by 6.30am, on our knees, grouting the floor, then I continued, whilst Marcela started cleaning and polishing, however we were to be outdone!

Lunchtime came, and so did the Bug man, Marcela decided we needed the whole place fumigating, mainly to kill the infestation of cockroaches left by Don Pedro, we had had a quote just to do the house, but Don Fabio did everywhere in and out, there are only the trees to be done now, and we may call him back to do those. Whilst he was here, the wooden posts arrived to support the balcony, Marcela is collecting the metalwork for these tomorrow, so I will get to work after Semana Santa.

We also had a quote from Don Jorge for the metalwork to go above the septic tank, due to the cost of the metal for him, it was a horrendous price, so we have spoken with John, who agrees, and will get another quote.

Lunch over, and we finally met our match, a storm moved in, and rain was here for the day, however it showed up a problem not of our doing. We had bought light blue grout, yes, it mixed dark blue, but it dried a very pale colour, however when wet, it turns dark blue again, and against the light blue tiles we both think it looks awful.

You can\’t call this grout light blue!

I could have cried for Marcela, she has worked like a Trojan for two days, and there is nothing we can do to change it, the grout has set solid.

To give Marcela her due, she continued working in the rain to try and clean the remaining area of grout, but by this time it was under water, and she couldn\’t shift it, I had little more success, the weather had beaten us in more than one way.
Ever Fashion Conscious!

I loaned her one of my working jackets, although it looks more like an overcoat on her, and she continued in the rain. Marcela so much wants this to be ready for her family to use, this week, and to be fair, she has done the job, it is leak proof, it just doesn\’t look right, but once it is filled with water, who will care!

Again it was another 12 hour day for Marcela, she wouldn\’t give in, and by this time it was just a mopping up job, unfortunately after all the hot weather we have had, storms are on the forecast for the whole of the holiday period.
I will start the hosepipe, when I get up in the morning, and we will see how long it takes to fill.
On a different note, I have finally been able to book a hire car for our UK trip, never heard of the Company before, it is called EASIRENT, it seems to have good reviews, I had an email back from Avis this morning, they had agreed to rent to me, if I took copies of all my previous driving licences with me, that was no problem, but they wanted to block the total value of my Visa card as a deposit, which was not acceptable, so I had to ditch them.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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