I ache from head to toe!

What a day, not a lot to report, but we haven\’t stopped, I was up at 5.45am, took Pépe for his constitutional, had my coffee whilst Pépe has his breakfast, and then it was all go, Marcela appeared, and we started grouting the swimming pool, it took a couple of goes to get into the swing of it, the instructions said it was workable for 90 minutes…I would like to see them still at it after 30 minutes, it was nearly solid! So I made up smaller quantities.

It was fine until the sun came around, we decided to only do the parts out of direct sun, and do the rest late afternoon, I was doing the grouting and Marcela followed behind as it dried, cleaned and polished. She was a real trooper, because I had finished the morning session, and she was still cleaning away in the heat of the day, the dust she created covered her from head to toe, and as she had covered herself in suncream, you can imagine the end result, fortunately we were both wearing masks, and rubber gloves, the instructions also said to wear safety helmets, we still haven\’t worked that one out yet!

After her shower, Marcela shot off to buy more grout, we had enough to be going on with, but not enough to finish, she brought us back our lunch, Japanese, and very nice it was to.

While Marcela had been out, I continued sorting out the workshop, and also tidied up the tool shed, putting up a timber support, and then nails to hang the garden tools on or in between.

Marcela back, and lunch al fresco in the Kiosk, because I hadn\’t had my shower, after lunch, it was back to work on the pool, but a combination of the weather and the Eclipse, and light went early tonight, I finished up about 6pm, I was working with my baseball cap, that has a torch built in, I think Marcela wanted to nick it, ha!ha!  Marcela finished an hour later, in between talking on the phone!

We still haven\’t finished, there is the floor of the pool to do, so it is up at 6am for both of us, and try to get the bulk of it done before the sun comes out. Then we can start filling it on Wednesday morning, it will be a tight finish, Marcela has decided that she will collect the family on Wednesday afternoon, instead of Thursday, and they will be here until the end of the week-end… maybe I can put them to work, ummmm!

Right, it\’s nearly 10pm, and time for bed.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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