Workshop nearly there.

We went out for a meal last night, and tried somewhere new, \’Mi Gallo Tuerto\’, it is on the Autopista, and we have to pass it every time we return home, the aromas have always been great, so we gave it a go. The it is worthy of a write up under the Restaurant page, so I will say no more, here!

I didn\’t wake up until 6am…Thanks Pépe! Then after our walk and a mug of coffee, I was ready to start, I couldn\’t fire up machinery straight away, I would have been unpopular with the neighbours, so I scrubbed a single inflatable mattress, Don Pedro had left behind, it came up a treat, and having scrubbed it with washing powder, it also smells OK, so now Sebastian also has a softish place to sleep this week-end.

Whilst doing this, I heard our nearest neighbour put on his TV, so that was the signal to get going, and continue work in the workshop on the shelving.  At 9am I went up to wake Marcela, because we had to go out, to visit Don Jorge, our Metal Fabricator, he lives just across the road from our old apartment, does a good job at a cheap price.

On arrival, Don Jorge was working outside his house, so we gave him the drawings for the septic tank metalwork, and also for two security screens to go in the workshop, what were built as ventilation holes, are big enough for someone to climb through, so I am making it secure.

From there we walked around to Maria Elena\’s, to find that her cousin Carlos had not turned up to decorate, he has done three and a half days, I paid him for three up front, and still has some way to go, but to be honest, we are not happy with the result, I think he forgot to stir the paint, so we have decided to call it a day, and Marcela will go over after Easter, and help her Mum finish it off.

We then moved on to our second home…Homecenter, and purchased more items needed both for the pool and the workshop.

Back home it was into the workshop again, and eventually I finished the shelving, then started the process of organising all my clutter, into something that resembles an organised workshop.

Whilst doing this, Marcela came out to say she had had another shock from the kitchen worktop, she has said time and again, that she feels vibrations when she touches it, but I had had no problem, so she asked the nearest neighbour who is an electrician to have a look, and sure enough, the stainless steel worktop was live, and after trying various combinations, he said the problem is with the oven, not the electrics, so it has been disconnected from the mains, and will have to be dealt with under warranty, the Kitchen Company are having their share of problems over this, the unfortunate part is that, all the problems come from third party suppliers, and we are giving him the flack.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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