Water runs Dry!

I have to say, that now John has had the bulk of his money, his reliability has gone down the drain, he didn\’t turn up as promised yesterday afternoon, and he didn\’t come today, saying it was too hot to work in the garden! It was probably just as well, because I am still ready to rip his head off, for filling the front garden with gravel.

I spent yesterday doing pottering jobs, in the morning we had to go to town, to get some bits, and on the way back we stopped at the Admin Office for the Toll Road, they started a new scheme at the end of last month, \’Quick Pass\’, you register, they fit a chip inside your windscreen, which you top up with money online, and there is a separate channel at the Toll Booth, and all being well, you sail passed everyone else, it took a while, they are not exactly fast, but it was done, and we arrived home at lunchtime.

In the afternoon, I did the same to the BBQ, as I had done to the outside raised garden, I acid washed the brickwork, then gave it a coat of preservative, and finally varnished it, it turned what was a not very good looking BBQ built by John, into an acceptable BBQ built by John! I promise I will get around to some photos soon.

This morning, I went down to Honda at Copacabana, and the bike had it\’s first free service, I just paid for the oil, they said it would take two hours, so I went off for a walk, first it was time for breakfast, tinto (no that\’s not a red wine, it\’s a black coffee!) and a pastel de pollo. I then started to take stock of the shops available, why go all the way to Bello, when we have them on our doorstep, I went into a large Ferreteria, explained what I was doing, and was welcomed to the area, nice people. I found a shoe shop, that had some nice Caterpillar shoes, I need a comfortable pair for walking in June, and these looked just what I wanted, but I wasn\’t embarrassing myself by taking off my biker boots there, so said I would call back.

I have said many times, that manual labour is the order of the day here, not many companies use modern machinery.

Building a block of Flats

I came across this in the middle of town, the road closed off, all building materials in the road, hand mixing concrete, to build a block of flats, and you can see the ramp built to barrow the cement/concrete into the site, amazing in this day and age.

Anyway, my bike was ready after about an hour and a half, so I returned home, having phoned Marcela who was in Bello, having tried out the Quick Pass, and saying it works!
Back home, I started working on the shelving for the workshop, the first thing was to cut all the timber, Marcela arrived home, and shortly afterwards the Owner of the company who made and installed the stainless steel kitchen worktop had arrived, because yet again, marks were showing. He accepted there was a problem, and offered a new one of the same, we refused, which put his back up, it would have meant having to take out all the kitchen wall units, and we didn\’t want that disruption, so he will deal through the kitchen company, to come up with an acceptable replacement.
Then the lorry arrived to collect our roof tiles, and deliver the wood posts to support the balcony, only he brought round posts, and we had ordered square, we couldn\’t change, as we had also arranged for another man to make us some metal post bases, so they went back, and we wait for the right posts.
Back to wood cutting, and Marcela gave me a hand to cut the OSB panels, it was much easier with two of us, and soon done.
In turn, I then had to help her, and that meant emptying the swimming pool, so we had an early dinner, and set up, I was out in the road again with the hose, but for some reason this evening the lane was like a motorway, one of our neighbours came out, and told us to stop using the hose across the road, and just pipe it into the road, he knew about the previous order not to, but said what can they do, they is more water down the road, when it rains. Another neighbour thanked us, because it had cleaned the road outside his house, he also said, there was not reason for any complaints,  the water we see running down the hill during the day, is from one of the Cafes septic tank, so they were hardly likely to cause us a problem. So we gave in, and at this moment, the pool is nearly empty, Marcela is doing her stint, and I will join her shortly. 
Tomorrow is another day!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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