I want my bed!

We were both up at 6am this morning, well Marcela took a few minutes to come around! She wanted to carry on cleaning the pool, before the heat of the day, and that turned out to be a bit of a joke.

There was about four inches of water in the pool, when the pump decided enough was enough last night, we both thought that would be a doddle to empty…wrong!

Marcela has been working on the pool all day, scrubbing tiles, jet washing, degreasing, and emptying the water, she has worked her socks off.  I gave her a hand emptying buckets in the end, but it must have been the hottest day since I arrived in Colombia. She finally finished emptying the water about 5.15pm, and is still titivating it now.

Boss at work!

From what is left of the lawn on the left, you may have guessed that John appeared today, with his brother in law, and son, after we had had our \’discussion\’ about dumping gravel in the flower bed, John got down to work, the first thing they had to do was excavate the entire Septic Tank, and my worst fears were realised, it went right under the new BBQ, however John, the eternal optimist, said he would create concrete beams around the tank, and under the BBQ, which would then leave an edge that the inspection lids could be attached to. So off to the Deposito we went, and bought a pile of  3m rebar, to re-inforce the concrete beams.

Once back, the sun came out with a vengeance, while everyone else was doing manual labour, I had the relatively easy job, I was continuing my workshop shelving, but working out on the parking area, as there is no space at all inside. 
All the preparation work for the septic tanks completed, John and his team packed up, which was when I decided I was starting to make mistakes with my woodwork, so packed up for the day and helped Marcela, until it was shower time. As we only stopped for minutes for a snack lunch, we are going down the road for dinner, shortly, and then an early night.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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