Long Days

We have got family coming to stay for Semana Santa next week, Maria Elena, Sandra and Sebastian, and we still only have enough furniture for the two of us… So Maria Elena and Sandra will be on the blow up mattresses, not sure yet about Sebast! They will bring their own bedding. I just hope that the Engineer has been to inspect the Septic Tank, and we can get that sorted before they come, otherwise it will be a bit of an eyesore.

As a result, yesterday, I repainted the downstairs bedroom I had used as a workshop, and also the ancient window frame, which is metal, with the reja built into the frame, I will have to replace this in time, but for now, a coat of black gloss, and it is fine.

Early on, John arrived with Ramiro, and a local man with his little lorry, and took away all their tools, and an old fridge John bought off us. I asked John about the big pile of sand and gravel, still dumped outside our neighbours house, I had been told that the neighbour had bought it off John, but it turns out that was not the case. John said the sand would be used to fill our front garden, as plants loved sand …. really? I don\’t think so!!! I will certainly use some of it to cover the stone, and raise the level, before buying bags of humus to fill it. The gravel, we can use a lot of it, and store the rest, it will come in for jobs, or the garden in the future, so I agreed to buy that off John, true to form, no price was specified, but I\’ll sort that tomorrow.

Marcela, has been dying to power wash the paths and swimming pool surround, so I showed her how the machine worked, and left her to it, they are all looking a lot cleaner now.

We were both flaked by the time we had finished, so packed up working outside, and I did some more booking for our UK trip.

This morning, we had to take Pépe to the Peluquería for 11am, with all the work going on, he has been covered in cement dust, in his coat, and in his ears, it was time to rectify that, now everything has gone quiet. On our way, Marcela called into the Town Hall to ask for an inspection on the exterior raised garden, and off we went.

After dropping Pépe off, we went on to order my timber, they have a free cutting service, so it meant I could put in in the car, and not have to use the trailer, I couldn\’t believe my ears when the lad said, it would be ready on Friday!!! the longest I have ever had to wait was a couple of hours, but apparently they have had numerous requests. So I will have to return with the trailer, collect  the timber, and then cut it here. We collected Pépe who had been scalped,  we have had all his hair cut short, with the exception of his beard, which is short, but still recognisable, he was funny, he was just finishing his shower when we arrived, so we knew he had played up, and then she tried to blow dry him, he hates the hair dryer with a passion, and kept trying to attack it, when it got close enough.

We took Pépe home, then returned to Niquia for lunch, and to make enquiries about obtaining the timber elsewhere, but no one seems to stock pine or OSB, everywhere we went they said, go to Homecenter. Then we returned home, stopping firstly to speak with the Carpenters regarding the damaged door, they are going to come and look at it tomorrow afternoon, secondly we called at a garden centre, got some advice, and prices, now we have to prepare the garden first, and then return to buy more than a few plants.

Back home, I changed into my working clothes, and started shifting some of the sand in the road outside, a couple of neighbours stopped to admire the change outside, and when I told them about the complaint made, they were very supportive of the work we were doing, to improve the appearance, which was nice. By this time it was pitch black, and working in the road, with buses flying passed, was not the most sensible thing to do, so I packed up.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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