It\’s B****y Hot!!

So much for winter, I think today has been the hottest day of the year, even the wind was hot.

The parking area and outside access ramp are all but finished, unfortunately John was being a bit tight with the cement as they are coming to the end of working here, and will be finished either Monday or Tuesday, they were in the middle of putting, what I can only describe as, a cement slurry, over the entire parking area, when they ran out of cement. This certainly changes the look of the parking area, and improves it no end, you don\’t see the joins in each section, whether that will still be the case, with it not being finished in one, I don\’t know, but apparently, it not only fills in the defects, but also helps the water to run off.

I asked Ramiro when they were shifting the remainder of the sand and gravel from the road, to be told that John had sold it to one of my neighbours this morning, John certainly has a business head, and it is his material, he quoted for, and I paid for the job, and he purchased the materials.

Marcela has gone off to join up with her Mum and Sister, to go to a Salsa Concert, and she is staying overnight, so it\’s just Pépe and myself, I\’ll make the most of it, and hog the bed for a change!

This morning, I showed Ramiro the damaged  land drain pipe, no problem, I was given instructions, and materials, and a Colombian repair has been done, I cut and slit a section of spare pipe, smeared copious amounts of PVC glue on the damaged pipe and slipped the cut pipe over it…job done!  I have now accepted that everything here is done in the simplest form possible, I just have to get my head around it, and start thinking in that mode.

John arrived, and decided the hole for the column was in the wrong place…grrrrrr! and we have now decided to  put three 3\” wood posts along the front, so they match those in the \’zona de ropa\’ and can be used for hanging baskets, so I have got to go back to the metal fabricators to have five new bases made, three to support the balcony, and two to support the roof from the balcony, a job for next week!

I then had to jump on the bike and head off down to the cashpoint, it is the one thing that infuriates me about John, instead of giving me advance warning, he dumps it on me at the last minute, but the money was needed to pay the men, and being told they could wait for their wages until Monday if I couldn\’t go today, didn\’t go down that well, I am damn sure the men would have had something to say about it if they knew.

John took pride in telling us that he was buying a car, I think I mentioned previously he wanted one, well he has finally earned enough with his business to get one…a 1997 Renault Twingo!!! Good luck to him!

Once the hottest part of the day had passed, about 3.30pm, I started painting the metal framework of the main sliding gate, but to show how hot it had been, because the metal work was hot to the touch, the paint was drying on the brush almost before I could spread it, so instead of half today and the rest tomorrow, I have only done a quarter.

That\’s it for another day!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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