Long Day!

Up at 6am, walked Pépe, and then up in the tree repairing the Kiosk roof, in the hope that it may get tiled today, as it turned out, it was re-felted, and a few tiles put up, whilst they were waiting for building materials to arrive.

John came with the men, and explained he wasn\’t staying as he was working with others on an apartment, but he would be here Sunday and Monday, to do the finishing jobs.

Unfortunately there was a delay in the materials coming, but that meant they could do some of the other jobs, and one of those was fitting Marcela\’s new toilet, it had been delivered yesterday, whilst we were out, on the proviso, we smashed up the old one, and sent a photo to prove it… so I did!

One Corona Toilet!

The new one works a treat, so all the garbage about the problem being our septic tank, was just that!

I then started painting the other two walls in the workshop, two coats, one thin and one decent, and by late morning they were finished. Although I say it myself, I am very pleased with the finished product, it\’s just a shame, I have now got to paint the outside!  I was going to take some photos, but was delayed, so will probably take them tomorrow. 
I then went up and started putting more fittings in Marcela\’s shower room… well it\’s ours really, but only one of us is allowed to use the loo, and it isn\’t me ha!ha!
Marcela then called me for lunch, after which I finished off upstairs, then started moving some of my tools from the makeshift workshop in the house, to their permanent home. Whilst doing that I was approached by Ramiro, who asked if I could give him a sub, as he was skint, he is employed by John, not me, and we made the mistake a couple of weeks ago, of giving him a sub, two days on the trot, John went mad, because he said, Ramiro spends money like water, and if we didn\’t get the money back, to take it from the next payment, and he would sort it out, which after a couple of attempts at getting it back, is what we did.  I was therefore surprised Ramiro had the cheek to even ask, but I told him that I hadn\’t got the money, and if I had, after the last incident, would it be wise to lend him anything, after this he went in a sulk, and took it out on the other two, so I had to tell them, I was at fault, and they said, under no circumstances to give him a peso.
As a result, I made the excuse that I didn\’t want to have to walk on his new concrete later, so I padlocked the workshop, before anything went walk about!
They had planned to finish the parking area today, then do the drive-in from the road, tomorrow, but due to the late delivery of materials, they are behind, even though they worked later than usual, probably a little more than 2/3 is finished, it\’s looking good, just concrete, but functional. They think we will be able to drive on it, by Sunday. At the moment the car is still locked in next door\’s garden, and also since this morning, so is the trailer.
I had finished up, and the workmen gone home, but now it was time for Pépe, he has been as good as gold today, chained up, and on his choker chain to., with the exception of when he was in the house with Marcela, so off we went for a walk, up passed La Chosca,  and back again. Then up for a shower.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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