It might have been a National Fiesta…But not here!

Pépe woke me at 5.30am, wanting to go out, I opened the door, then jumped back into bed, remembering this time to put the child gate across our doorway (we still haven\’t got any interior doors!), as yesterday I forgot, and Pépe jumped up at Marcela\’s side of the bed, covering the sheets in mud!

However, he started barking at 6.15am so I got up, and took him for a walk, then after my coffee, I started on wood staining again, this time the zona de ropa. The weather was awful, it was still warm but, it kept raining, and there were times I had to work from outside, to get to some of the timbers. It took me five and a half hours to  complete this area, I was beginning to wish I hadn\’t started.

From there, I went down and stained the inside of the main entrance gate, despite it\’s size, it did not take long to finish this. I have just got to paint the metalwork on this now, and it will look the part!

That done, I fitted handles to both sides of the gate, so there will be no more trapped fingers.

Finally for today, I finished a job I started yesterday, and that was removing all the grime and grease from above water level in the pool. Hopefully once work is completed on the parking area, next week, we will drain the pool, and give  it a good clean, before refilling it.

Then it was time for a well earned siesta!

All being well, the workmen will be back on site tomorrow, and the security fence will be installed at the rear of the house, at the moment we are rather exposed, so I am glad we have been at home.

I was going to give a little more info on local life, but my computer has a mind of it\’s own tonight, and the screne resolution keeps changing, so before I chuck it out of the window, I will sign off!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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