Family Day!

I was up and out with Pépe, it had been raining, but fortunately not whilst out walking. On our return, I discovered that a bottle of Pop had exploded in the \’pantry\’, fortunately I have not kitted it out with shelves yet, so there was not much there. but 2.5ltrs still goes a long way, so I had some mopping up to do.

Just after 7am, I was out in the workshop, staining side two of the roof, it seemed to take for ever, but eventually got it done, with one disruption, The lady next door, has taken a shine to Marcela, and was at the fence shouting for her, however Marcela was still in bed asleep, so I went out and had a conversation with her, after half an hour, Marcela appeared, and took over. I was gutted when she came into the workshop laughing, because Doña Ampero (not right, but near enough!) had said she couldn\’t understand a word I was saying, in that case, how on earth we kept a conversation going for so long I have no idea.

From painting, I went to electrician, and fixed up a couple of outside lights, by this time, the sun was out, cracking the flags, and it stayed that way for the rest of the day. Maria Elena, Sandra, Oscar and Sebastian arrived about midday, and Oscar was put to work starting a fire for the sancocho. I finished off what I was doing, had a shower, and joined everyone.

We eventually had our lunch mid afternoon, and then we all (including Pépe) went for a walk, it was a lovely stroll, and we stopped off at La Chosca on the way back passed, for an ice cream!

Back home, listening to music whilst sat out in the kiosk, we decided to cook up a pizza ( don\’t get excited, it was in the freezer!), after which, everyone went home.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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