Another fun filled day

This morning I was determined that I would get my Voip phone working again, and after about two hours messing, it suddenly registered, no idea how, or why there was a problem, I certainly can\’t take the credit for it, however before it went pear shaped again, I rang my Aunt in the south of the UK, as it turned out she had been getting updates from my Brother, so there was no panic.

Then with Marcela\’s help, I got the TV up on the wall bracket, after which it was out into the garden, it didn\’t look as if I was going to get my electric supply any time soon, to the workshop, so decided that if I started, and looked helpless, I might just get some help, as I hate heights. The problem, was not the cabling up at each end, but attaching the cable, which was now housed in a garden hosepipe, to the existing overhead mains cable, using plastic cable ties.

I laid out the cable/hosepipe, and put up the ladders…it worked like a charm, a young lad, who had come to work with John, offered to go up and attach the cable if I held the ladder, fifteen minutes later, job done! I then moved into the workshop, and started cabling up the fuse box. John then said that we would need an Electrician to disconnect the electric at the meter, which is attached to a post in the road, bit of a backtrack, from his last…we will get it done together! Anyway I have worked out a way to by-pass this route, because there is a spare fuse space, in the house box, I am going to cable it up to the new 30amp fuse I bought today, this will make it easy to connect without having to turn off the electrics, and will offer another safety feature.

While I was fixing this up, the man from Corona came to see the problem toilet, he was insistent that the problem was gases from the septic tank, and not the toilet, but agreed to replace the toilet all the same, the fact that the old toilet had worked fine, had no bearing on it, and if the problem was ours, why then say he would replace the current one?  Anyway, he says it will take about six days for them to deliver another, as it will come from them, and not the shop.

After he had left, we changed, and went off to the Kitchen shop, for a show down over the stainless steel worktop, unfortunately John 2, was not in, so his assistant took the flack, but give him his due, having seen the photos, he agreed with us 100%, and said it would all be sorted under the guarantee, hopefully we will hear more tomorrow.

Then it was off for food shopping, as the cupboards were bear, and finally home about 7.15pm.

Marcela is now preparing for her UK Visa interview at 9am in the morning, it turns out the intermediary who has made all the arrangements, is not as good as everyone thinks, unfortunately Marcela only showed me the paperwork tonight, and he has submitted all the paperwork with her Forenames and Surnames  the wrong way around, we will just have to keep our fingers crossed, but there is the chance the application could be rejected, in which case, the trip is off.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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