An Extra!

It is funny how things are quickly forgotten, and that includes the not so nice wild life here, I mean to write about them, but as night comes, the thoughts go clear out of my mind, so I thought I would take a minute to write a paragraph or two about our encounters.

Insects, big, small, ugly, and not so ugly (I wouldn\’t go as far as to describe them as beautiful!) many I have never seen in my life before, or if I have, not in the quantity we get here. I am going to have to do some research, because many of them, even Marcela hasn\’t previously encountered, as she says, you just don\’t see them in towns.
Mosquitoes, they seem to come in all sizes, whether they are just friendly, or not that hungry, but other than one day when I was the subject of their wrath, I have been left alone, and long may it continue, there are certainly millions of them, not helped by our stagnant water tank/swimming pool!
Cockroaches, horrible creatures, and there are still hundreds about, again of all sizes, thanks to Don Pedro and their not so clean habits, Pépe sees them as a bonus snack, it must be the crunchy texture! they keep turning up in the house, mostly dead, as Marcela sprays every other day, but we are going to have to look at other options, because I am really not very keen on them, and when I find them crawling over the washed plates etc. drying on the draining board, and have to rewash, I am not very happy.
Ants, we have mainly fire ants here, and they bite with one hell of a punch, because we are spending more time working than relaxing, they have not been too much of a problem, however I don\’t think I will be lying on the lawn anytime soon. Pépe is the one who has suffered most from these, he seems to like the areas they make their home, and comes in covered in bites/stings, which give him grief in the night.
Then we come to the unidentified! of which their are many, when we have calmed down a bit, and I have time to think, I will take some photos,  the problem I have with the these, is that I have no idea if they are dangerous or not. Last night I was taking the washing out of the washing machine, unfortunately, this is outside, and at the moment not that well lit, I thought a large oval button had fallen off one of Marcela\’s garments, so I reached in and picked it up, at which it started vibrating, and two bright green eyes, and I mean bright green as if you had switched on a torch, stared at me, I have to admit to dropping it rather fast, unfortunately back into the washing machine, where it still is at the moment.
Snakes, apparently we do have a species of snake here, it is only six inches to a foot long, and apparently, it is harmless to humans, although I have no intention of finding out, they chase small mice and other rodents, so must be pretty quick on the ground, and I have yet to see one.
Right, I am starting itch all over at the thought, so will end for now, more later on the routine subjects!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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