Easier day today!

Despite information to the contrary, no one turned up for work today, there must have been a rebellion in the ranks, but I could not be bothered ringing John to find out why, I\’ll ask him tomorrow.

This morning, I spent a few hours trying to get my voip phone working, unsuccessfully, in the end I fired off an email to my Voip provider, to see if they can help.

11am, and Marcela shouted that it was time to go, she was dropping me off at the DIY store, while she went on to collect Maria Elena, Sandra and Sebastian, they were then coming back to buy a cooked chicken for lunch, and to collect me. I needed some grease to put in the roller door tracks, but I could only find a small tin, and that seemed expensive for it\’s size, but I bought it, and will go to a Garage to get a bigger one at a later date. I also found two roller blinds for the Office, at least now we can march about in our underwear, with hunching down to avoid the neighbours seeing us!

I was collected, and back home we came, I then used Voip on my computer to contact my brother, whilst I wait for the phone to be sorted, however the line was as clear as a bell, which is just typical, and we had a long natter.

I then went down for my chicken lunch, before starting work, I installed a shower room cabinet, and wall fixings (toilet roll holder, towel hook etc) in my toilet, now it just needs a door! Then up went the kitchen clock, not that we have missed not having one, we have just been too busy, it has either been daylight or dark! I then put up the Office roller blinds, and one on the lounge door to the balcony, I\’m getting a dab hand at, roller blind installation.

Whilst I was doing this, the girls were going through bags of my clothes, that I had decided that I had no further need for, such as trousers with 44/46\” waist, when I am now 36/38\” waist, hopefully I would never use them again, and jackets, which you could fit two of me in. Sweaters and long sleeved woollen shirts, I had for winter, the girls have divided up amongst themselves, the rest they have put in sacks to be delivered to the poor and needy.

Marcela then took the family home, whilst I stayed with Pépe and cleared up my mess, and put my tools away.

Now, having caught up with any messages, it is time to get my eBook out and have a read. Night All!!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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