A mixed bag!

Marcela had to get off reasonably early for a medical check up, the weather was awful, warm, grey, drizzle, our first winter of the year is here!

I was left to get on with some work, unfortunately I was joined by some unwanted friends, at last the mossies have decided to try me out for size, and they had a picnic, I have been itching like crazy.

Because the weather was foul, I decided to started organising inside, and where could I get away with that without getting criticised, ummmm! the Office was a good choice. So I spent a few hours, unpacking boxes, setting up the printers, unfortunately my voip phone is still playing up, but I will win! I drilled holes all over the walls, and put up our certificates and medals. Once that was completed, I went back to annoying John.

Unfortunately, there have been a string of problems relating to water leaks, and non flushing toilets, and as yet John has not been able to overcome them, he did quite well today, the leaking kitchen pipework, and the leak from the handbasin, in the upstairs communal loo, have been remedied, but the flush  to the toilet in Marcela\’s shower room, has stumped John and his men, we know the pipe is clear, he took out the loo and tested that, it is fine, we can only assume that is is something to do with the connection between the two, because the old loo flushed a treat, he has gone away this afternoon to seek advice!

I have been out and bought six bottles of caustic soda, we are going to give all the pipes a good flush, John, says we have two problems, one, the pipes are not big enough for the job (excuse the pun!) and secondly, they are not at a big enough slope for things to move, consequently with each flush they move so far, but not all the way to the septic tank, and as the house has not been used regularly, there are minor blockages along the route.

The roof on the workshop has been completed, and Ramillo has tiled about 3/4 of the floor, it is looking good. In the morning I go to collect Ruben along with the roller shutter door, the window, and the reja door for the tool shed, once they are fitted, I only have to wire up the workshop, all the trunking is in, and then connect the main cable from the workshop to the house, and hopefully I will be able to move in!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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