A sign of normality!

This morning I continued what I started just as the light was going, last night,. and that was to put up a number of washing lines in the \’zona de ropa\’, I did this by putting two lengths of galvanized cable from the support posts across to the house wall, using cable stretchers, I managed to get a good tension, and then I put five lengths of washing line between the two cables, I think that will be more than sufficient, but if not, there is additional space for extras.

That done it was back to the ceiling fan in the lounge, it has been driving me crackers, and continued to do so today, however it is now up and running.

Whilst doing that, John asked me if I wanted them to tile the workshop floor, as a cost of course, but I want to be able to get in as soon as possible, so it made sense, I have already given up on making the interior doors, at the moment, I just don\’t have the space or equipment. So off I went with John to buy 25m of tile seconds, I\’m not sure what is wrong with them, but they look fine to me, and more than adequate for the workshop. Again the problem was weight, I had to stop for a thoughtless 4×4 driver who wasn\’t prepared to give way, and couldn\’t get traction to get going again, I had to reverse back to a relatively flat section, and then just go for it, I\’m sure it\’s not doing the tyres any good, but we got home!

Mid afternoon, Marcela and I headed off to buy more bits, and on our way home, we stopped off at a Carpenters, to look at their doors, some in the workshop were beautiful, they use mainly roble here, which is oak, however well out of our budget at the moment, it came down to a plain door, with…nothing, and to buy that would have been ridiculous, only we would know it was roble, we might as well by cheap hollow plywood doors, properly stained they would look similar, so the search goes on!

Marcela had asked me to put the glass into the metal exterior doors, so I decided this  was the time to  do it, only to find that one of the pieces is too big, and another, without silicon you can see daylight down the side, also the main doors have a big glass panel in the middle, with ornate metalwork, not very well finished off, part of the decoration is gold coloured metal work  on two of the down bars, and these were stopping the glass from sitting in the frame, so, tongue in cheek, out came the grinder, and one door is now without the gold effect, but the glass fits, the other I will have to do in a day or two.

Marcela has now applied for her UK Visa, she is just awaiting some supporting paperwork from the UK, before her interview with an Agency working for the British Embassy, on 19th of this month, hopefully there won\’t be any hiccups, and then we can book our trip back to see family and friends.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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