Officially moved in!!

I am going to try and keep this post brief, because I am absolutely shattered, so please forgive any mistakes.

Saturday came, and we were at the finca early, that is Marcela, Maria Elena, Pépe and myself, unfortunately I had to leave everyone here, and dash home, I had left my document bag behind, with not only my driving documents, but the cash to pay a number of people coming to work.

UNE, the utility company lived up to their reputation, and didn\’t turn up until midday, and then, only to connect the phone and internet, they hadn\’t been informed regarding TV, however the important part was done, and a new cable from the road to the upstairs office, which is great, I have just got to set up my Voip telephone again, I\’ll get around to it in a day or two.

The men arrived to install the glass shower doors, and have done a great job, they were paid and on their way, in no time.

John and Ramillo, worked the morning, they were then paid and on their way, leaving us to get on, I continued with jobs that needed doing whilst the girls were cleaning.

We left late afternoon, as a bad storm was moving in, arrived back at the apartment, and had a Pizza delivered (we won\’t get that here!)

Sunday, back to the finca mid morning, I was still feeling really rough with the flu, and still haven\’t shaken it off, I am continually going into hot sweats, and feeling listless, but needs must, and you fight on through it, it\’s a case of having to, \’Man-Flu\’, doesn\’t get a listing here, plenty of advise, but no sympathy!

We got quite a bit done yesterday, probably, because we had no interruptions.

This morning, I was packing the car and trailer, and then just before 10am the lorry arrived, I had to do a double take, there were four men of varying ages, and they wanted to know, why I had been taking stuff, when they had been booked for a whole house move, not bad value for £62 all in!!!! Give them their due, they were very good, and there was only a little damage, I would certainly recommend them to anyone locally.

Once they had gone, we unloaded the car and trailer, and then started the problems, trying to find anything was murder.

After a while, we went off for lunch, and to do some food shopping as well as more fittings for the house, leaving Pépe in the garden with John and Ramillo, apparently he was very well behaved!

Pépe, has certainly made himself at home, and knows where his bed is, I just hope he sticks to it.

Marcela had a phone call from Honda this morning, to say they couldn\’t get a black Invicta, would I accept a red or blue one… not the shades they have, I had told them this when I made the purchase, so Marcela told them, that if they did not have a black bike for me to collect tomorrow, I would be in to collect my cash and go elsewhere. 5pm, they have got my black bike at the showroom, and it will be ready for collection at 5pm tomorrow… If it isn\’t they had better have the cash waiting.

Yesterday was Election Day for the Colombian Senate, the Party run by former President, Alvaro Uribe, wiped the floor, and although he can\’t stand for President, in the May Elections, his Puppet is in the wings, and we are told Uribe will be President in all but name. That unfortunately will definitely mean the end of the Peace Talks, as Uribe, has made no secret of his opposition to them all the way down the line, he doesn\’t believe in talking to terrorists, he just wants to wipe them out, because FARC murdered his Father. He tried this before, with limited success, the problem is that too many innocents get caught up in the fighting. We will just have to see what May brings, and hope that sense will prevail.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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