The day draws closer

I spent ages, packing the car with as much as possible, before leaving this morning, and just as much time unpacking it at the other end, if not longer, as I looked as if I was in a sauna, definitely got a dose of the flu!

I then did my gas pipework, and tested it, using washing up liquid, you will be glad to hear David, no leaks, and everything works, although I think the jets need some adjustment, as the flame hardly shows on the hob rings, however the oven is fine!

I then finished a project I started yesterday, until now the only woodwork I have done has been construction work, but I was fed up of owning the house with no name… well that\’s not exactly true, because after spending days thinking up of a name for the house, we found it already had one!

La Palma!

Now we will have to buy a palm, because if there was one, which I suspect there was, it was grubbed when the new house was put on site. The nameplate will come down again in time, because I need to do some work on the gate itself, but I enjoyed doing some routing work again, it has been a long time!

I then received a phone call to say that my bike has been sold, and I was needed at the shop to sign the paperwork, I said I would be there sometime in the afternoon.
As it turned out, I got away, before midday, made my way home, and changed, then Marcela and I went for our £2-50 two course lunch! and then off to El Poblado, where after signing, I was handed a wad of cash, it was only 2/3 the sum, the rest will be paid once the taxes on the sale have been settled, Marcela immediately stuffed it in the bottom of her bag, and off we went to spend some of it.
We went to Honda in San Juan, before I go any further, the reason for having a bike at all, is to give me some form of transport when Marcela is out in the car, especially now she is getting her own business off the ground, I didn\’t want to be stranded, I need to be able to get to the village and back, without relying on a bus, because I have no idea how the system works here, and to be honest, I don\’t want to know, I have always hated buses, and still do. So size doesn\’t enter the equation, because we have Pépe, there was no plans to go off touring. So to get to the point, I have purchased, the smallest bike I have ever owned, both in size, and engine size… A  new Honda Invicta CB 150
Internet photo

Mine will be all black, even with all taxes and insurance, I walk away with half of what I received for the Suzuki, they are going to register it Monday, and I can pick it up Tuesday.

We have got to be up and out for 6.30am, the Telephone Company, have said they will be at the finca between 7am and midday, it will probably be the latter, but if we are not there…  They will ensure the current cabling is up to standard, if not they will have to make a return visit, otherwise they will get TV / Internet and Phone up and running, as well as install an extension in the Office upstairs, but then they cut us off here, so we may well be incommunicado for a day or two.
Maria Elena, Marcela, Pépe and I are going to clean the house top to bottom tomorrow, OK maybe not Pépe! then Sunday, Marcela and I will return to organise much of what I have already taken, ready for the Guys with the lorry on Monday, I have to say, I am dreading that part, they don\’t have ramps, tail lifts, they just use brute strength to get stuff on and off, I hope there is not much damage, because no one here knows anything about insurance.
Well, I think it is time for me to sign off, I will be back once we are in the Finca, if not before.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

One thought on “The day draws closer

  1. HAPPY HOUSE MOVE !! Marcela and Phil Glad to hear all is going well and gas joints now secure!BUT given recent installations Have noticed your comments on flu symptoms IF Marcela affected as well just make sure you further check operation of your gas appliances!! Have you got a CARBON MONOXIDE detector. Speak soon D


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