More ups and downs in more ways than one!

Well, Henri showed his true colours last night, if truth be told, both Marcela and Maria Elena had tried to warn me, but I never believed in the old saying that \’a Leopard can\’t change it\’s spots\’. Suffice it to say I now know that Henri is someone else that will take advantage of Gringos, given half a chance. It\’s a shame, I thought he was trying, but at the end of the day he was just biding his time. If Henri returns there will be a bed, but he will never get any more paid work.

This morning Marcela and I had to go out at 9am, we called at Homecenter to get a couple of items required by John at the Finca, then went on, on our arrival, Marcela went to open the gate, and I was waiting when a bus came along, instead of reversing down near my neighbour, I tried pulling into  the side, only to rip my front tyre open on some concrete, it stayed up long enough for me to reverse into the property, then was as flat as a fluke. So before the meeting with the neighbours, John helped me change the wheel, unfortunately the Tucson is one of those with an emergency wheel, I hate those things, but they do their job.

We then had the meeting with the neighbour and her elder son, who was totally different to the Marijuana Kid. They both put their points, which mostly again referred back to Pedro (he just lost his title, it is given out of respect, he lost that as well!). However after John and Marcela had explained our side, and I just put something in, to let them know I was there…ha!ha! they agreed to let John do the work, as it will also help with the drainage of their garden, and might just do something to curb the number of fire ants that were racing about…ouch!

Back at the house, John pointed out a couple of problems with the new doors, such as the security reja can just be lifted off it\’s hinge, which really defeats the object of having it, so he is going to have it welded to the hinge plate. Then we said our farewells, and left.

We then meandered back along the Autopìsta, not topping the maximum 80kph on the emergency tyre, until we had returned to the Tyre Depot at Exito, and had a new tyre put on, something else I could have done without. I will certainly be doing something about that concrete in the road outside the Finca.

We then made our way back to Maria Elena\’s house, where Sunday lunch had been prepared for us, it was lovely.

Now I am hoping I can crash out for the afternoon.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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