And I thought it would be quiet!

Yesterday, on our way home from the city we passed what we thought was a recent accident, there were flashing lights everywhere, although it was in the opposite carriageway, our side was crammed with parked vehicles from people stopping and getting out to gawp!

Today, we found out that it was not an accident at all but a murder, a vehicle travelling along the motorway had dumped a sack with the body of a man out onto the road, which was then hit by a number of following vehicles. Although the infraction camera got some shots of the body in the bag, it didn\’t get details of the offenders vehicle.

This morning we had planned an easy day. Henri, my Father in law was arriving, for an indefinite period to help out with the electrics on the house, Marcela had a meeting to officially offload her Insurance Clients to a friend who is taking them on, otherwise nothing….How wrong can you be.

Henri arrived just after 11.30am, his Bus must have flown from Caucasia, we went up the road for lunch, at £2-50 a head for two courses and a juice, you can\’t go wrong. Then Marcela went to go, and the battery on the car was dead, not just flat…dead! Fortunately Henri used his Colombian cheek, or is that charm? and a man in a small truck nearby came with his jump leads, and after numerous attempts we finally got the car going. Marcela then left with instructions not to stop the engine until she arrived at her Uncle\’s Workshop, where he confirmed that the battery was indeed on it\’s last legs, so fitted a new one, I\’m beginning to think it would have been cheaper to buy a new car. However I learned today, that the Renault Duster, which had been in the running, can\’t be fitted with a towbar, because, apparently it does not have a chassis, you learn something new everyday.

Whilst Marcela was out, John the builder arrived to collect the weeks wages, only to give us more bad news, the wall of the house that is suffering from damp, is soaking wet, following a storm the other night, so John went to speak with the neighbour, who John and Marcela had courted and we thought, got on side, to allow us access to resolve the problem, he spoke with a lad who we think is the son, who said the access was no longer being granted, no reason was given. So now we have got to sort this one out. I suggested a backhander to sweeten the pot, John said, definitely not, he would go to the relevant local Dept. who would enforce right of access, Marcela on the other hand, when she returned, said forget the backhander, forget the official route, she would have the neighbours visited by an unorthodox group who would ensure we had no further problems…I don\’t think I want to know!

I am not happy that the house is going to be insecure all week-end, the workmen in their wisdom have taken out the exterior metal doors, before we have got the replacements, and then decided that they wanted to spend the week-end with their families who they have not seen for two weeks whilst living in the house. I can\’t blame them for wanting to visit their family, but you would have thought they would have had the sense to leave the doors until Monday.  As a result we have contacted the Fabricator, and they are trying to get the doors, windows, and rejas ready for morning, I will then fetch the trailer, and collect them, however they still will not be fitted until Monday.

The idea for tomorrow, was to spend the morning with Henri deciding what work to do, and what materials would be needed, whether we will get that done now I don\’t know, Marcela is out on the Gad in the afternoon / night, and may need the car.

John also asked me to get a gallon of clear varnish, and another of thinners, they have painted all the upstairs woodwork with preservative to stop termites, now is the decoration!  So when Marcela returned I shot out and selected the appropriate items, and queued at the till, to be asked if I had the authorisation to buy the thinners, I am 56 years old, why do I need permission to buy Thinners, well as it turns out people use it in the production of cocaine, so I had to go and register my details, and then queue up again, only to have my Cedula (ID Card) queried, because a Foreigner has a card with fewer numbers than the Locals, because there are fewer of us, but the girl had never seen one before, and had to call her Supervisor, I was ready to dump the lot and walk, however the Guy who came over, knew the score, and my purchase went through.

What a day!!!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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