We are ready for a holiday!

Yesterday, we didn\’t get to Hyundai, the Boss said he was busy, and either to call late afternoon or this morning.

Marcela had phoned a Company in Medellin for me, as I was looking for a decent Band-saw (the one I have is chinese crap from Bauker, saying that, some of their other tools are OK, but the band-saw is rubbish), she had actually discovered the local fabricator, and he told us which shop to go and look at, and if I liked what I saw, he would make me one cheaper, so off we went.

Whilst en route, Marcela received a call, it was from Hyundai Colombia, based in Bogota, doing a follow up on our service in Medellin, I bet he wished he had never bothered, Marcela gave him both barrels, and even I cringed.

We arrived in Medellin, the Band-saw, is classed as Professional, and looking at it, it was definitely what I would have liked, but I am a hobby Carpenter and have to be realistic about what tools I can afford to buy. However on talking to the shop Assistant, it came in on budget, and that was the shop price, I have a feeling that I will have to take the trailer, I don\’t think it will go in the back of the Tucson. Anyway later, Marcela rang Don Jorge, and his price was ridiculously cheap for what he was selling, so I agreed. As a result, this morning, I have paid the deposit, and it should be ready in a week. I am going to see what other tools he makes, this could be a good contact!!!

From the shop, we did a circuit to HomeCenter (our B&Q) where I bought some more tools, and we bought the paint to decorate our other house (The family home, which is now owned outright), a cousin of Marcela is going to do the painting, we just had to get the paint. Maria Elena (Mother in law) will live in the house, but we will maintain it, and it will be a future investment for Marcela.

By this time it was mid afternoon, so we headed home, stopping off to look at the kitchen designs, which to be honest was just  a drawing, and then back to let our baby out, he is certainly getting better, but I still wouldn\’t trust him without his muzzle in the apartment.

This morning we were out at 8.20am stopped off at the window / door Fabricators to order a reja (grill) for one of the windows, and then we headed to Hyundai. We were greeted by the Boss, and when we listed our grievances, he apologised, but could not understand why the interior had been covered in grease, or why anyone should interfere with my tool kit, as for the bonnet, he showed me how to adjust it, and the doors, if there was a future problem, and away we came, a little bit happier than when we had arrived, no mention was made of the call from Bogota, so whether anything has been said I don\’t know.

We then called at a tool Importers, to order a Makita Bench top planer, which should be here by the middle of next week, then onto another branch of HomeCenter, near to us, for Marcela to get some quotes for her Mother, and after a coffee and a bit of shopping, we came home, had lunch, after which I dropped Marcela off in town, and came back to put the shopping away, and take Pépe out for a constitutional.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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