Back in the Fray!

After a relatively relaxing week-end…well in comparison to the last two weeks, we started again this morning.

Marcela rang Hyundai and informed them, that I had instructed that we would be arriving to collect the car, come what may, at mid-day!

We then contacted the company making our metal doors, and told them to go ahead and fit their own locks, I had been out at the week-end, and couldn\’t match their price, they just happen to be expensive.

We were late leaving here, as her Ladyship decided to wash her hair, so didn\’t leave here until mid-day, and on arriving at Hyundai, we were given a raft of excuses as to why the work had taken so long, and it was not finished, the brake sensor light still comes on, and there is a problem with the front wheels that needs fixing, the Manager said they would have to send for the parts from Bogota, I told him not to bother, and that his Customer Service left a lot to be desired, and certainly wouldn\’t be accepted in the UK. The price of the extra parts before labour was going to come to  another £300, and as I was already being billed for a £750, I didn\’t feel like giving them any more. We will go local, and purchase cloned parts. If anyone local to Medellin is reading this, don\’t bother using \’Car Hyundai S.A.\’ of Envigado, they are pricey and ready to fleece a Gringo!

As it turned out, we don\’t think they started the work until the parts arrived on Friday, even allowing for a test drive, there was no reason for them to have used over half a tank of fuel, unfortunately I had not recorded the mileage, but I think someone must have been on holiday in it for the week. The upholstery will have to be cleaned, there are oil marks everywhere.

We left there, Marcela leading, until I knew where we were, then I headed off, but Speedy Gonzales wasn\’t far behind me, how she kept up in that traffic I have no idea, but she was only about 30 seconds behind me as I entered the estate.

Back home, I took Pépe out, and then we headed out in the car, to do some food shopping, the cupboards were bear! the car certainly runs smoother, but for that money, so it should.

Tomorrow, I have got to be at the Trailer / Towbar workshop soon after 8.30am, for them to fit the electrics, and then provided the trailer meets my satisfaction, I will take it up and leave it at the house, I don\’t want to leave it here, it or parts of it might disappear in the night.

Henri (Father-in-law) contacted this evening, he is coming down on Friday, then we will decided what electrics need doing at the house, and I will take him up each day to work, and if enough work has been done at the house, I\’ll move my tools up there, and into one of the bedrooms, until I have my workshop built.

That\’s it for today, nearly time to get my book out…

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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