Work is progressing!

This morning, I was the first one out of the house, I set off on the bike before 8am, with a roll of privacy netting strapped on the pillion seat. Marcela and her Mum had carried this roll on the bus, from the city centre yesterday, and it is to go around part of the perimeter fence at the house to stop nosey passers by snooping.

I arrived at the house a while later, one of John\’s workmen is living there, both as security, and because he has not got his own transport. Carmelo opened up the gate for me, at this time there was no sign of John. However, work has definitely progressed, they have ripped out the old kitchen, and found a problem, because Pedro, had not only, not tiled under the units, there was no concrete floor there either.

Old Kitchenette

you can\’t see it in the photos, but it is the area under the new toilets! I think it will be better to use contrasting floor tiles, rather than try to match the existing ones.

The bathrooms both upstairs and down, have had their tiles and sanitary ware removed, the walls chased out for the hot water pipes.
Ensuite Shower-room
Downstairs shower-room

In the kitchen, they had cut out a new window opening, but it was too small, so that is going to be made bigger. Some of the metal doors have been removed, they will then make good the openings, so I can fit new wood doors.

John arrived as I was measuring up all the door openings, he seemed surprised that I had beaten him to the house, but as I later found out he had passed Marcela waiting for the bus, and she had told him I was on my way!

At the side of the house, they have removed the old chicken coops, and as I suspected, they were filled with cockroaches, John said he had never seen so many, thank goodness, Oscar and I decided not to try and move them at the week-end.
I was really impressed with the progress, and left them to it.
Back home, I had to pass the morning with Pépe, as Marcela was in the City, pushing her new business, which she and her Sister, Sandra, have set up between them, selling Victoria\’s Secret, at the moment, only via Facebook, their page is C3 Tienda, and word of mouth, it seems to be taking off, so I am keeping my fingers crossed for them.
Once Marcela returned, I was starving, so we walked up to a local restaurant, after which we walked up into Bello, to a Kitchen makers, recommended by John, as it turns out this is owned by another John, and after an hour of two there, we had chosen what we wanted, John 1 is taking John 2 up to the house in the morning, to do the detailed measurements, we have accepted the quote, which is a fraction of the price of the same thing in the UK, including an oven and hob, fitting and transport.
Tomorrow, I have got to go into Medellin to collect the Registration document for the bike, and we are also, time allowing going to try and source three metal doors complete, for the three accesses into the house, if possible I would like these to be at the house before the building work is complete, so they can be installed, but they are made to order here, so I will just have to see. 

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I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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