Another busy day on the Bike!

What a day!  we were out for 8am because the Bike needed oil, and I wasn\’t risking a trip into God\’s country without a top up.

That done, we made our way to the house, where John and one of his workers, were already waiting, we handed over the keys, had a quick chat, then Marcela and I made our way down to Copacabana, where we did what had to be done with the Notary, and went for some breakfast.

It has been a baking hot day, so any shade was welcome. From Copacabana, we made our way to Girardota, where we seemed to keep having to go between the Registro and the Bank to pay different bills, and even now, we wont know for a week whether they will register the Escritura (Deeds) without the area of the land being entered.

Whilst there, Marcela managed to get hold of the Garage, there was very good news, and not so good news on the car, the very good news, is that there is nothing seriously wrong, and the bill is less than half what I was imagining, the not so good news, is that the parts needed have to come from Bogota, and they must be coming by mule, because they say it will be three or four days before they arrive, however when I suggested we go and collect the car and use it in the mean time, they said, there was work they can do, whilst waiting for the other parts, so it looks as if the bike is it, until next week, not that I have a problem with the bike, but it is inconvenient when we want to transport materials to the house.

We also heard regarding my trailer, and it is all but ready, which is even more frustrating, however there are a couple of adjustments that need doing, so it gives them time.

Having finished in Girardota, Marcela contacted John, and we met up with him at a Building Suppliers, where we ended up for over two hours, choosing tiles, shower room fittings, and the like, fortunately John had arrived unseen, and gone ahead and ordered the building materials. The bite in the backside was the cost of transport, because the house is in a Vereda (Parish), they charge more, in case of breakages which they replace.

Once all this was completed, we took John for lunch, gave him cash to pay his men (signed for) and made our way home, absolutely shattered.

It has been so hot, I had to peel my denims off, in the house, now I am going for a shower and a siesta!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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