Afternoon at the House

Well, the Garage let us down, they still haven\’t worked out a quote so we will have to wait for Monday, and then they might just start on Tuesday, this is a pain in the backside, I am supposed to be collecting my trailer on Wednesday, and need to use it to transport materials to the new house, it looks as if that isn\’t going to happen now.

Midday, Marcela and Pépe set off with the Mother-in-law (Maria Elena), Sister-in-law (Sandra) and her family to the house, I had to stop off on the way to buy a new padlock for the main gate, we had left the previous new one in the car! The previous owner is becoming a bit devious, he keeps promising to move his stuff out, but only takes one or two items at a time, so now he has no access unless we are there, he could force an entry of course, whether he would I don\’t know, but I wouldn\’t put it passed him, he has been nice with us up until now, but from talking to the neighbours, he was not liked.

Once at the house, and changed into working attire, I set to with the rest of the family clearing up, I think the side of the house, had been used like the municipal tip, it was a disgrace, but with the help of my Brother-in-law, Oscar, the Mother-in-law, Maria Elena, and not forgetting Sebastian, we cleared most of the rubbish, and stacked it near the main gate.

Maria Elena, was then busy preparing a late lunch of sancocho (you can find details of this on my Food & Drink page), Oscar had lit a fire on the concrete drive, and the pot was raised on blocks.
Marcela and Oscar, were trying to make head or tail of the swimming pool cleaning equipment,  Sebastian, jumped in, not giving a damn whether it was clean or not, and Sandra, well I am not quite sure what her role was!!! I then started clipping hedges.

Pépe, took to the garden, like a duck to water, he was brilliant, and spent his time exploring, by the end of the afternoon, he didn\’t want to get back in the car, I don\’t think he will be any trouble when we move, he loved it, and as a result, he is now flaked out.

Tomorrow, thank goodness is Sunday, and other than going shopping, which we will have to do by taxi, we have nothing planned, and will take it easy…famous last words!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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