Qué Día!!

This morning we were out at the crack of dawn again, firstly we had to go to Marcela\’s Office, I think this is her last visit before finishing, but you can never be sure! It took us double the normal time to get there, because there had been a number of accidents and the roads were gridlocked, which unfortunately is an all too regular occurrence here.

From there it was back across town, to have the tow bar fitted to the car, we had found a good deal, it is a second hand bar, but from the look of it, not that old. Whilst there, I also ordered a trailer, which should be ready for collection in eight days, so I paid my deposit, agreed they would do the electrics for the tow bar, when I returned, I asked about a Number Plate for the Trailer, I was advised to  take a good photo, print it on paper and then laminate it, this is acceptable, time will tell.

The Owner advised me to take the car in for some work on it, as the rear dust guards, whatever they are, were shot, and needed replacing urgently, so I was grateful for that.

Marcela had by this time left, as she had to meet her sister in the City, and we were running late, I came to leave, and as I opened the car door, something went clattering to the floor, I thought I had knocked something over, but when I looked the plastic trim on the outside bottom of the door had fallen off, on further inspection, the previous owner had done some bodging, it had obviously been a problem in the past. Fortunately the Staff were very helpful, and repaired it for me, I went to leave and the same thing happened…. so the Staff repeated the process, the problem had been that the door trim was catching the wing trim and forced it off, how long this will last before it falls off again, I have no idea, but next time, it will have to be a new panel. This is the problem with second hand cars, you never know what is going to go wrong next.

As a result, we have arranged for it to go into a Hyundai Workshop on Friday for a total service and repair, it will be a costly event, but hopefully there will be no worries thereafter, otherwise we might be looking for another car, the workshop looked up on their system, and the car has had work on the engine three years ago, but I don\’t think the engine is a problem at the moment, well, I sincerely hope not!

This afternoon we have been back to the house with another Builder, who showed far more interest than the previous one, and gave us some good ideas, he is also going to quote for building my workshop, which price permitting will be  more secure than a wooden version. He is going to give us the quote either tomorrow or Friday, I know it will be more than the previous quote, but we have asked for more work, including the kitchen, plumbing and gas. Leaving me with the woodwork, and the Father in Law with the Electrics.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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