I need a holiday!

Yesterday, we headed off to Copacabana for 8am, meeting up with the Sellers, at the Notary, within three hours we had signed the compra-venta, and the escritura, then headed back to Bello, and transferred 70% of the asking price, the rest to be paid once the Registro has approved the escritura.

In the afternoon, we went off again, this time to the City, to get a Voip phone, and arrange for the mother-in-law\’s computer to be repaired.

This morning we headed back to Copacabana at 7am, and met up with Don Pedro at the house where, he handed us the keys, hanging on to some to access the part of the house where he stores his tools, until he finds somewhere else to store them. We also met up with Don Hernan, who owned the property prior to Don Pedro, he is also in the building trade, and we went through the jobs we want doing, he said he would have a quote for us by the week-end, as it was he came back with a quote about half an hour ago, and Marcela nearly went through the roof, she believes it is a case of taking advantage of a Gringo, it wasn\’t cheap, but there again, not extortionate, but although we had words over this, I have to bow to Marcela\’s knowledge of the way things are done here, and we will have to think about trying someone else for a quote.

From there we returned home, changed into our motorcycle gear, and headed to the other side of the City, to have an inspection for the Insurance Company, in other words a full vehicle test, without having to pay, just to ensure the Bike is up to scratch, that would have been fine, but when I was given the result, I was told that everything was great, except for the fractured indicator arm!!!!  So I went outside and sure enough the front nearside indicator arm was broken, but it wasn\’t when I handed it over to them, I was steaming, but there was no way of proving this. I have been to Suzuki and ordered a new one at a cost of 97000 Pesos, or roughly £40, so I am not happy. Future visits for inspections or work, will include taking a camera, and taking photos of the bike, in front of them, before it leaves my sight.

Then it was back to the Commercial Centre to pick up the Mother in Law\’s computer, only I don\’t think they had looked at it, so after a fobb off, we went for lunch, on our return, we were given another tale, and they said they would do a home delivery. Marcela has just rung them, they are now saying it needs a new hard drive, which they had previously said it didn\’t, so Marcela has told them to put it back as it was, and she will collect it tomorrow, I wouldn\’t want to be in their shoes when she arrives.

I have to say, that this was Marcela\’s first outing as a Motorcycle Pillion, and she was brilliant, I would not have known that she was there, but for her wanting most of the seat ha!ha!

This afternoon, I went off to do the shopping, leaving Marcela here, as we did not want to leave Pépe alone all day again. That done, time to crash out, another early start in the morning, as I am having a towbar and electrics fitted to the \’Elk\’.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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