Things are speeding up!

Yesterday, we had to take the car in to Marcela’s Uncles Garage, and whilst it was there, we went off with the Owner (Don Pedro), of the house in Copacabana, and checked that there was no mortgage, he paid all his bills up to date, and gave us copies, we then went to the Notaries Office to see how we went about the sale, there is a problem, not insurmountable, and it is just clerical, the Deeds / Escritura, were fine when they were last sold on, but the new Registrar is insisting that all Deeds show the area of the plot, and these don’t.

The Official said that as there is a house shown on the plot, although not the one that is there now, which is only about 18 months old, she might let it go through, but that would then give us problems at a later date, when or if we wanted to sell, apparently it takes about three months for the Authority Surveyors to get out and do the measuring, and then the Deeds have to have an addendum, so we don’t know how long that can take.

We have been told that if all Parties agree, the Compra-Venta, can be drawn up and the sale go ahead, but only a portion of the money would be paid, until the new Deeds were  ready for change in Registration. We are considering this at the moment, the Owner likewise; it turns out that he is not as poor as we thought, the Bank had advised him to liquidize some of his assets, because business was not  that good last year, he owns a Bus Company, a Construction Business, and has irons in other fires. The decision is going to come down to how much he will accept as a down payment, and be prepared to wait for the rest, Marcela has decided it will definitely be less than a third, I doubt he will go for that, but she knows the ways of negotiating here, so I am taking a back seat on this one, it seems to be a case of ‘déja vu’ in reverse, after the problems I had in Spain.

Update: This morning we headed off and collected our Surveyor, along with Mother-in-law, Sister-in-law and Nephew, and headed up to the house, meeting up with the owner.

Whilst Marcela and the Surveyor went off to look around, I spent my time taking photos

Pool looks inviting!

View from balcony

View down the garden

Another balcony view

and looking for problems.

Modern wiring, but it all looks the same grade and a mess!

In addition to the wiring, I found some cracks, running through tiles upstairs, and outside, I pointed these out to the Surveyor, and she said they were nothing to worry about, likewise with the big Mango tree immediately outside the house.

The house itself is built on rock, so she believes it is going nowhere, I just hope she is right, she also said that the house is in an up and coming area, and the values will shoot up in the coming years, it is also known to be a secure area, I just hope it stays that way. We will get her written report mid-week, but she said there will be no surprises.
This afternoon after some discussion, we decided that we will go ahead with the purchase, and having spoken with the owner, Marcela was way out on what he will accept as down payment, it came as no surprise to me, and his figure was just slightly lower than the 75% I had said he would ask for, I am happy with this. 
It will be written into the compra-venta that should for any reason it be impossible to register the property in our names, then he will not only repay the sum paid, but also for any work done by way of improvements in the mean time, and he will know what they are, because we think we are going to ask him to quote for some of the work, as the quality of his building work is spot on. The Electrical work will be supervised by my Father-in-law, and I will  labour for him, the plumbing I will do. We are looking at moving the kitchen into one of the downstairs bedrooms, and make the existing kitchenette into the dining room. There is no hot water supply in the house, as is the norm here, so I will have to plumb hot water pipes, and get a boiler, there is no mains gas, so it will have to be off bottles.
The owner has been back in contact, and the arrangement is that we will meet him and his wife on Monday afternoon, to arrange the Compra-venta, at the Notaries Office, then go to the Registrar\’s office to do the dirty deed, if she will accept the new escritura without the area being included, Don Pedro (owner), will arrange for a modification at his expense, to be added after it is in our names, and we will hand over the balance, if she wont, then the escritura will be redrawn up, taking three months plus, again at the owner\’s expense, and we will pay the balance once the new escritura is issued.  Don Pedro expects to give us the keys on Monday, but we wont move in straight away, cleaning the place first, and doing some of the work that is easier, without our clutter, then we will hand in the keys to the apartment.

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I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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