Mixed Feelings!

Up at the crack of dawn as usual, but what was unusual was that Marcela was up soon after me. Our first appointment was at 9am, however shortly before we left, it was put back 15 minutes, and on our arrival at the agreed location, a call was received, changing that! It was becoming like a spy thriller.

Anyway, after a number of calls, I was just about to throw in the towel, as the two men arrived. Fabian, probably about 30yrs, and his Colleague somewhat older. We were then taken of a tour of the mountains, looking at totally unsuitable houses. I had come to the impression, that we were never going to see the house we wanted to, and I could not work out why, it appeared, that they just didn\’t want to sell it, and instead of telling us, they were making excuses, however the reason was to come out later in the day.

Unfortunately, these tours lead to problems with the car. We had been lead up passed heaven, I even said \’Hi\’ to God as we were passing, oxygen masks a necessity if you lived up there, on top or nearly on top of the mountains, we were on our way back down, when the engine cut out, I lost the power steering, the brake was pathetic, so I was driving one handed with the other on the hand brake, and coasting. We were miles from civilisation, with no hope of directing a breakdown vehicle to our location, because neither of us had a clue. Fortunately, Marcela was able to get a mobile signal, and contact the others, who were well ahead, and they pulled over, until I coasted up behind them, sweating like a pig, it was terrifying.

The engine warning light was on, but the temperature was normal, Marcela rang her Uncle who has a Garage, and having answered his questions, he said it was a faulty sensor switch, not to worry, let the car stand for a while, then it would start, and we could drive it as normal, it was going into his Garage tomorrow anyway for another minor problem, so he said he would sort it. As he said the car started as normal, however not being totally convinced, we said we would cancel the rest of our appointments, Fabian was horrified, and suggested, we park up the car, where he knew it would be safe and go with them, so we did, and saw more non-starter homes.

We decided then to pick up the car, and we went off to see the one house we had wanted to see all morning, by the time we arrived it was getting on for 1pm, and poor old Pépe had been in his muzzle alone since 8.30am.

We were taken to Copacabana, and about five minutes off the motorway, pulling up at the house we now think might be home!

House, Garden and Pool (courtesy of Doomos.com.co)

This photo is from the internet and taken well over 12 months ago, but it gives a good idea of the place, officially it has six bedrooms three bathrooms, but if it becomes home, this will change. It is built in the Colombian style, the upstairs being accessed by an outside staircase, the kitchen really basic and too small to work in.

The Owners were there, they use the house as a week-end retreat, and rent it out during the week, which explained the problems we had getting to view it. Marcela had no qualms, she asked him outright, why he was selling, and he said, the Bank had told him to sell it, he actually lives in Medellin.
They were a very nice family, he is a Builder, and built the house for themselves, so it is well built, or appears to be, in comparison with others we had seen. All the downstairs rooms, need the ceilings plastered, they are just vigas and ladrillo, which made the place very dark. The is no workshop at the moment, although there is room for one, and it will be taking pride of place at some stage.
The views from the balcony, are the same from the garden, but not from the downstairs part of the house, however in our price bracket, for this standard of house, it is excellent, and I could see that Marcela had fallen for it, probably because she wouldn\’t have much gardening.
just an idea of the views (courtesy of Doomos.com.co)
 Even in this small garden (between 450-550m2) there were oranges, mandarins, platano, and a few others.
The pool is just a tiled hole in the ground, done out as a pool with steps etc. but in true Colombian style, no built in filters etc. the pool is filled from a garden tap which takes water from natural sources, it is not potable like the house water. Chemicals are bunged in as required, and when needed the water is pumped out and drains away down the road!
The house is being sold \’Puerta cerrada\’, in other words as it stands, furniture, white goods etc, although I have to say, there isn\’t much I would want to keep, but Marcela has taken it upon herself to sell the stuff we don\’t want.
Having more or less made up our minds, we moved on, we were given a tour of the area, which I have to say is very nice, we will definitely be the poor relation, there are some monied properties in the area.
Having parted company, we started off for home, and the engine packed up again, I managed to coast down to the Motorway, where we stopped again, and after a few minutes set off, I was worried sick the engine was going to seize up, but it ran as sweet as a nut, I just hope Hernan (Uncle) is right.
Back home, I took Pépe for a walk, and Marcela asked her Mum to come and stay with Pépe, so he didn\’t have to be muzzled again. Then off we went into town, I had to arranged the transfer of the money for the bike, and we had to pay our rent. After a very late lunch, we stood in a queue for what seemed ages at the Bank, only to be told the account we wanted to transfer to, didn\’t exist, so we had to leave the Bank, (mobiles are not allowed), and as a result of the call, the only option left to us was to withdraw cash, which over here is dangerous, if you know you are withdrawing a big amount, you can arrange for a free Police escort, but we didn\’t know, so I was the escort, and nothing happened.
Money, safely withdrawn, and rent paid, we went home, knackered!
We have made the decision, that subject to all the official checks, we will buy this house, and make it our own.
Tomorrow, yet another hectic day, so I am off to bed!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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