I received the last piece of paperwork from Spain last night, a copy of the house sale, from the Notary, so I fired that off to the Company arranging the money transfer to Colombia, I\’m now waiting to hear back from them.  Hopefully we will be able to start house hunting next week!

I was again reminded of one of the many quirks of buying property here yesterday, we were driving to the shopping centre, when on the back of a Van was an advert selling \’Second Floor Air\’. Bear in mind here, they don\’t have a ground floor to a house, that is the first floor, which actually makes more sense. It is possible to buy a house, whether it be one, two or more stories, and then find that the flat roof, is not actually yours, and can be sold on as \’Air\’, it is all legal, and there will be official paperwork, it is the same as buying a building plot, only with property underneath, just something you have to consider when buying.

For summer, the weather here seems as if it has been affected by the changes elsewhere in the world, Monday was the start of 36hrs of non-stop rain, and it turned cold, I even had socks on in bed that night, but it was back to roasting again yesterday, and rain again last night but warm. Of course, when I say cold, that is all relative, I do wonder how I will cope when we manage to arrange a trip back to the UK, to visit the family!

Update:  Oh well… not all plain sailing then! house hunting will have to go on hold, we have been in communication with  the Company in Colombia handling this end of the money transfer, which they have not received today, when they receive all the supporting documents, the transfer will be frozen until their legal department has viewed all the paperwork, it will then be sent to my Bank, and my account will be frozen, until their legal department has done the same, and is satisfied that everything is OK. I had better draw some cash out of the Bank, otherwise I might find myself in the position of having nothing in my wallet!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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