A Happy 2014 to Everyone where ever you are!

It is 4.45pm here on New Years Eve and showing 32ºC in the shade, I never thought I would be saying that a few years ago, unless I had been sat in a Sauna!!

I was up at my usual time…5.30am, thanks to Pépe, however it was lovely and fresh walking out at that time, even then only in a T-shirt, on top! Marcela and Henri (Father-in-law) were up soon after 7am, and we were out by 8am, to hit town and buy the meat etc. for tonight, we picked up Maria Elena (Mother-in-law) on the way, and went for breakfast before humping bags of meat back to the car.

Marcela and I dropped the \’Outlaws\’ off with the shopping, then we had to fly across town to get my medication, and do some \’normal\’ food shopping.

Fortunately, knowing we would be in and out most of the morning, I had made a curry last night, so lunch was ready, and only had to be reheated.

This afternoon, I had my first run in with a Colombian wasp. Compared with English wasps, I thought Spanish wasps were vicious, but they have nothing on Colombian giant wasps, which to start with are brown, and double the size of Spanish wasps, we always do our best to keep a healthy distance from them. However, I heard Marcela scream, and ran to the lounge, she had just managed to stop Pépe having a mouthful of wasp,  I went to swat it, and missed, unfortunately it didn\’t, and got me in the finger… ouch!! I have never felt pain like it. So immediately doused the site in vinegar, which probably saved me even more pain. My finger started to swell, and being a bit worried about any bad reactions, I took a antihistamine tablet, and now other than a bit of swelling and throbbing, it is fine. The bugger came back again later, and that time he left by the window…squashed!

Courtesy of Carlos Andrés Rivera (Flickr)

I am feeling a bit more with it now, having had a siesta, so I will be ready to go out again later tonight, although I know, that because this time Pépe is staying here, I will be in for an early morning again tomorrow.

So it just leaves me to say, that Marcela and I wish everyone a very Happy New Year, and wish you everything you wish yourself for 2014.

See you next year!!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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