Closed for Christmas!

Well that\’s it now, nothing will happen in Spain until after Christmas, officialdom is on holiday! it is much the same here in Colombia, except that some businesses have also given their staff the whole period off, and there will be partying from now until New Year, God help us all.

Although Christmas is the same date here as every other Christian Country, the celebrations are held on Christmas Eve, and most people here refer to that as Christmas, and that does cause some confusion, as my family in the UK will vouch, as last year I started ringing them on Christmas Eve, to wish them a Happy Christmas, they thought I was barking!!!!.

I will get my Christmas meal sometime between 11pm and midnight on 24th, I can see that I will be tucking into the biscuit barrel before we get to the meal, which this year, is being held at my Sister-in-laws, which is only about five to ten minutes drive from here, depending whether you stop for the traffic lights!

I have been doing some last minute woodwork to make some extra presents, whether I will get them finished in time is another matter, as my Brother-in-law is having to work all hours God sends (works for a Company setting up Concerts etc all over the Country, he does all the sound systems, a bit like a Roadie without a Band!!), I am taking the family out tomorrow for Christmas lunch, so don\’t know what time we will be back, with three women in tow, you can guarantee shops will be involved!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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