Nice day out!

Just to get away from all the recent mither, we decided to go out for the day…well, half a day! So we set off about 11.45am, and went first of all to HomeCenter, the equivalent of B&Q, I wanted some hardwood sheets to make some presents, I also wanted a pair of Wellingtons, so they could be adapted, more of that later.

From there, we went across the road, where Marcela treated me to lunch at Leño y Carbon, with her last pay, before leaving retiring as an Insurance Assessor… Don\’t ask!!! Following that we headed up to El Poblado to a Supermarket that stocks imported foods for the wealthy who live in the area, I bought some more orange marmalade, because it is the only place that sells the proper stuff, and a kilo of Cheddar for Christmas, I can\’t wait to start on that, it is the one thing I miss, because they only sell mozzarella here, unless you are prepared to pay through the nose, I haven\’t a clue what it costs back in the UK now, but cheddar works out, at about £15.50 per kilo, which is extortionate here.

On the way back we had to stop off for Marcela to drop off some papers to a Client, and then home, for 4.30pm which was long enough for Pépe in his muzzle.

Right, now for the explanation of the wellingtons, for years I have had wellington shoes (in addition to a pair of wellingtons) easy to buy in Europe, here…non existant, and my existing ones are falling to bits, which is no good when you are trudging along the river bank in the dark, trying to avoid various animal poos, so I purchased a very cheap pair of wellies, and on returning home I cut them down to size, and they are great, at the equivalent of £3, I can\’t go wrong. Nothing goes to waste, the remnants will be used to make rubber washers, which again are few and far between over here.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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