I have had an email from Chris today, he finally found out how much it was costing to phone me!! I dare say I will find out to, when I receive his bill.

The meeting with José the buyer, and also the Gestor, went ahead yesterday, a contract was signed covering me for any extra taxes, and José the buyer, believes he will receive his mortgage offer either Monday or Tuesday, I\’ll believe it when I see it.

I have just been reading one of the local Newspapers, and there was yet another murder nearby, yesterday, nothing unusual in that you might think, but when the paper is showing photos of children playing in and near the Victims blood, it does make you wonder what will become of what some commentators have described as \’The Children of War\’

\’ The Children of War\’ –

It is certainly a sad state of affairs, and doesn\’t say much for the Adults in the area, for letting them, but there again, maybe shielding them from the true life around them, wouldn\’t be doing them any favours, it is hard to know who has the better attitude.

Marcela is starting to get stressed about moving, there have been a number of reports about the increased attacks on people living in Fincas, armed robberies, to which there seems to be no answer. 
The Police are flocking to the likes of El Poblado, which is the wealthy part of Medellin, but leaving every one else to fend for themselves. 
As one mad dog, and the idea of a few geese, don\’t seem to make her feel any better about it, I have said to Marcela, if it makes her happier, if we can find a house with some land, similar to my situation, when I was in Cadiar, then I will be happy enough, not as happy as in a Finca, but then you have to be sensible about these things, so I am going to have to start looking for more urban properties, and see what we can find. I have a distinct feeling that where ever we end up there is going to be a cache of weapons stored somewhere.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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