Can we have a good day please!?

OK, I spoke with Chris yesterday, and the problem arises for José the buyer, in that Chris does not think he realises how big his slice of the tax bill will be, therefore he is going to speak with him and put some better options to him. However Chris agrees that, this sale must not be allowed to fail, because in the current climate, I can forget finding another buyer for a considerable time, again, all I can do is wait, until Chris has had a chance to sort it out.

Marcela and I are both worried about Pépe at the moment, his condition seems to be deteriorating, but we have to give his medication a chance to work, he goes for a while and appears to be fine, then suddenly he has trouble breathing, and starts to panic whilst he is gagging, the sight of this panics Marcela, but all it seems to need, is to give Pépe re-assurance, and he calms down and everything returns to normal.

The result of Pépe\’s test, was that he has internal parasites again, Lina, his Vet, said that she believed that the wormer he was given in November was not strong enough, as a result she prescribed a tablet made for an elephant, I thought I was going to have a fight on my hands, but by breaking it up, Pépe thought it was a treat, and ate it… whew! She also prescribed another liquid wormer to be given twice a day for ten days, it is a human version, with a pineapple flavour, which we thought was great, as he loves pineapple, but I was wrong, he took the first dose, with a bit of bread, the second he spit out, so \’I\’ am left with no option but to fight it out with him and use a syringe, from past experience I know it will be difficult, because he will bite, scratch and anything else he can think of to avoid this.

Lina believes that the parasite is the cause of his respiratory problem, and it should resolve itself shortly… I hope so. The only less worrying thing now, is that when we have to go out, Pépe is as good as gold, and we can leave him without the muzzle, so if he has a breathing problem whilst we are out, he will not be restricted.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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