The problems continue, in as much as the Bank in Spain are saying they don\’t accept Fax to authorise transfers, it does make you wonder how Businesses arrange a transfer, they can\’t all queue up in the Bank!!

The Apostille arrived yesterday morning for the Power of Attorney, that was very fast! so it was straight off to the Courier and get the Power of Attorney fired off to Spain, I have been told it will be five days, which if I forget Sunday, means it should arrive Monday, the day Mr.R leaves, which would give me continuous cover. The Courier was the most expensive part of the deal, the PoA cost me £25 the apostille £9.50 and the Courier £39, which sort of puts the prices charged in the UK and Spain into perspective! and yet Colombians still think this is a rip off, however when their minimum wage is only £185 per month, you can understand why.

Also having sought advise over the Spanish Bank\’s attitude towards the Apostille, I am informed that because the Apostille is digital, the Spanish Bank can go on-line and verify it is authentic immediately, and under the Hague Convention they should then accept it with immediate effect, but as Mr. R pointed out, Caja Granada are a law unto themselves.  I have sent the Bank Manager an email, pointing this out, and asking him to confirm that the Bank with comply with the document on it\’s production, and not cause more delays, I am still awaiting a response.

This morning we took Pépe to the Vet, mainly to satisfy Marcela\’s worry about the lumps on his back, which have not increased in size or number, but have not  gone either. It is strange, Pépe actually loves this Vet, when we got out of the car, he didn\’t want to cock a leg etc. it was straight in, and gave her a big hello…Lucky sod!

Anyway the Vet, Lina has decided that Pépe is overweight, although I would disagree, if you compare him to many street dogs here, he is! She informed us that as a breed, Schnauzers are allergic in some form to poultry, pork, and milk products, and we should change his food to salmon based food, this was probably what is causing his problem, I am to continue giving him the Omega 3 capsules, and he has been prescribed special shampoo and soap to use, Lina also said that as a breed, Schnauzers are \’very\’ manipulative, and that Marcela is going to have to be stronger and not give in, when he doesn\’t eat his biscuit meal, maybe Marcela will listen to her. The Vet has also sent off a stool for checking.

Pépe doesn\’t know what he has let himself in for, only three snacks a day, no sharing my biscuits or toast, and no getting spoilt by Marcela!!!

All in all it was quite an expensive morning.

I have just received an email from Spain, to say that tomorrow is the last working day until next Tuesday, due to National Holidays, so don\’t expect any updates on the subject until at least the end of next week!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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