Is it any wonder Spain is going down the pan!

The Buyers Bank are playing silly Buggers!! They have now said, there will be no problem with the mortgage, however the delay is down to the Bank amalgamation with two other Banks, and they are still finding their feet… that was over 12 months ago, no wonder Spain is in such a bloody mess!

Well, there is certainly not going to be a signing this week then, so we have spent all day getting the Power of Attorney for Chris, and now have to get the Apostille, if we go to Medellin it would take a few days, and online only 24 hours, because now, Colombia only issues digital  Apostille no sticky label to attach to the document. Therefore it was a no brainer, the document has been scanned and fired of into the stratosphere, and hopefully in 24hrs it will come back asking for payment, and give me a link to collect the Apostille. Once that is done, hopefully Wednesday morning I can send the whole thing off to Spain by express courier.

Another problem we have to overcome, is that the Bank are refusing to let Mr. R authorise the transfer ahead of time, apparently if it was a small amount there would not be a problem, I have therefore asked Mr.R to return and ask if they will accept a Fax authorisation of the transfer, when and if we ever get that far! There is no reason they should refuse a Fax, I have used this form of transfer request in the past, because a fax unlike an email, can\’t be digitally altered, it is an accepted form of business. Again the Bank have said that any power of attorney issued to Chris will take three or four weeks for them to accept, maybe longer as there will be a close down for the Festive period. Therefore Mr.R has said he will return to Spain as soon as he gets word, if he can\’t get the Bank to play ball.

I think we are going to have to accept that unless a miracle happens we will be here for some time to come. As was pointed out to me the other day by the Wife of the couple \’buying\’ the house, her husbands family are big business in the Village, and I think the Bank Manager is dancing to their tune.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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