Still no decision has been made, my Representative ( Lets\’ call him Mr.R in future!) had a meeting with the Bank Manager late this morning, and he has said he will contact the Department dealing first thing on Monday morning, he believes it has been left to be a December issue mortgage, but once on the desk it won\’t take long to approve!  Where have we heard these prophesies before!!

Mr. R now has to leave for the UK on Monday week, and the Friday is a National Holiday, so it is not looking good to get things sorted before he leaves, I therefore need to sort out a stand-by to act if things move whilst Mr.R is away, that means getting their details, and sorting out a Power of Attorney from here, and sending it by Courier to Spain…fast!

But the calamities don\’t stop there! I transferred my pension last night, the Company gave me new Bank details to send the money to, which I did, and then a few minutes later I received an automated email giving me the old bank details…panic!! had someone hacked their site? So email sent, and I expected a reply when I got up this morning, but no.

Then whilst trying to phone them, I found that my microphone wasn\’t working, tried Marcela\’s, no good, went into the controls, and nothing, that had me flummoxed, until I remembered I had Skype on my mobile, so I phoned and they apologised, the money is confirmed received, so that was one down, two still to sort out.

I tried a number of things on the computer, and ended up with a blue screen and a memory dump, in the middle of updating Drivers, so then it meant a System Restore, and everything, including the microphone is working again, if only I could sort out the Spain saga this quickly.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

One thought on “Bummer!!!

  1. You are showing great patience!If only Mr R Wanker was as proactive as yourselves.Lets hope Mr Wanker has a good holiday! NOT…love to all!


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