Not much to Report!

Tuesday I went to the Hygienist, another lecture about flossing, sorry, but putting my hands in my mouth do nothing for me, I don\’t remember there ever being floss around as Kids, or maybe our parents just never bought it, I don\’t know, anyway as a compromise I have bought a toothbrush handle with disposable miniature Christmas trees on the end that you poke between your teeth, I\’ll know in six months if that is an acceptable alternative.

Pépe is definitely growing up, and changing in his ways, he will have to be watched, he is becoming more aggressive towards dogs he does not know, especially those loose and unattended on the street who show an unhealthy interest in either him or me.

Also the other night there was an unexpected incident, he is normally friends with the world and some, we were walking along the river bank for our night time stroll, I had noticed two people walking some distance behind us, and had kept them in sight, because they didn\’t have a dog with them, as they drew closer, it was obvious that it was just a Couple out for a walk, but suddenly Pépe saw them, started growling, then as they went to pass me, he launched himself, fortunately he was in such a position that I could snatch him back on his harness, and no harm was done. I am sure that he was just being protective, but if we are not careful, this is going to get us into trouble!  I had no intention of chastising him for this, because, if and when we ever move, security will be an important factor.

I haven\’t done much wood work this week, I can\’t concentrate, I think I have got myself wound up over the Spanish house sale, so I am just passing time, I have never before watched so many episodes of \’Grand Designs\’ on YouTube!!!

The other day, I decided I couldn\’t wait any longer, we needed two new front tyres on the car, so having done some pricing on the internet, off we went, when we explained that we just wanted cheap ones to get us through the next month…hopefully! We were told that by Colombian standards we had more than enough tread on the tyres, and not to bother changing them, the new owner would rather fork out for a good set than reluctantly having to replace legal but rubbish ones, the criteria for changing tyres, we are told, is when you can no longer find any tread!  Not what I am happy with, but there is sufficient tread for a month, although I know in the EU they would no longer be legal.

Tomorrow we are going out for a drive and to find somewhere to have lunch, so hopefully the storms we have been having  will be kind to us, until we get back.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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