Busy week

It\’s been a funny sort of week, with nothing much to show for it.  I paid my second visit to the Dentist, and he was happy with the improvement since I had last seen him, as a result he has changed his mind, and I am back to six monthly check-ups again, but I have still got to go and see the Hygienist in a week or so.

I went with Marcela to scout out some Tool shops in Medellin, the first area we hit, was downright dangerous, traffic came at you from all directions, whether they had right of way or not, I nearly came to blows with one Taxi Driver, he pulled across us at traffic lights, even though his exit was blocked, and laughed at me, because I could not move, I soon wiped the smile off his face, when I pulled the front of our car right up to the side of his, he jumped out of his car, and started shouting the odds, even though I hadn\’t made contact, he soon moved off, and we forced our way across the junction, and drove off.

Our second port of call was OK, it was an area made up of small family run shops, you couldn\’t see what they had, as these shops don\’t let you in, you ask at the front counter and they either say they have it or not.

I will probably go back to the first area, and try again, hoping the traffic is a bit lighter. Anyway after having our lunch, we headed to a new Store between the City and home, and had a potter around there.

I have made myself a basic disc sander this week, it runs off my power drill:

Disc Sander

It works, so I am happy with the outcome, and it is another space saving item that can be hidden away when not in use!

I am now making some other dowels and knobs, for use in other projects, that will keep me occupied for a day or two.
We heard the other day, that Pépe\’s mate the Bull Terrier, is fine, we saw him out with his owner, so stopped and the two dogs were like long lost friends, but it was nice to know the dog was fine.
Still no news from Spain, if I haven\’t heard anything next week, I\’ll start to panic, but until then, I have been told to remain calm!!!!!!!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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