I seem to be posting everywhere at the moment, and forgot all about my own Blog… Shame on me!

To be honest, what I have been posting, will not be of much interest, because it all relates to woodwork.

I made a pair of  push-sticks to use with the table-saw, at least now my fingers will be safe, here is a picture of \’Izzy\’ and \’John\’  :


Why Izzy and John, it\’s a long story, suffice it to say, if you are that bored and want to find out, you can look me up on Google+.

I then decided I needed a Router table, Mark 1 was a project, I marked out and cut out the parts, then being a bit worried, did a dry-fit, and thankfully I had, because it was going to be too big for my micro-workshop, so I moved on to Mark 2, which is on the same lines as my Table-saw:
Router Table

There has been no news from Spain, I have to admit to becoming more than a bit worried, the couple have until December 16th to sign on the dotted line, as per the contract, before they lose a considerable sum of money, and have to pay \’back rent\’, which won\’t be a considerable sum once the legal fees they have paid on my behalf are deducted. I think they are dragging it out to the last minute to get as much free living as possible, but if they do drop out at the final hurdle, it puts me back to square one, and may mean I have to make a trip back to sort things out, at the moment I have just got everything crossed in the hope that I am totally wrong.

My representative in Spain, returns from the UK in 9 days (I think!) so I may know more then.
Pépe, is calming down slowly, he still has his moments, but generally he is much better behaved. He is missing his friend from two doors away. I was talking to the owner last night, I missed a bit of what he said, but I think his Bull Terrier, was either severely injured or killed by another dog on the Estate, so I am keeping an eye out for loose dogs at the moment, when we are out.

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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