Working in Workshop!

When I have had time to spare over the last two and a bit days, I have been making a table.-saw for the \’workshop, may original plan backfired spectacularly, and it was my oversight. I had planned to use my workmate in it\’s current form as the base, because the boards swing up onto edge, but I had not taken into account the width of the saw!

So the workmate boards had to be removed, and put to one side, until I can replace them.

The photos tell the story, there was one more glitch, which I still can\’t account for, that was during the process of gluing the top and bottom 3/4\” boards together, they moved, how I have no idea, because they were clamped, but move they did, I did not notice until the glue had dried, I had also screwed them as well, now I have a second blade slot! However if I decide I need to widen the current slot to be able to cut at angles, then this will incorporate the second slot.

The saw is attached from the underside with a screw front and back.the saw has to be wedged in the \’On\’ position, the only way to turn it on and off is with the plug, so I wanted extra safety features in case the vibration caused it to drop out, I have installed some wooden toggles to ensure my feet are safe, long enough for me to unplug it.

The good thing about this design, is that I can remove the saw, lift the table off and prop it against a wall, and collapse the workmate, if I need the space, all in a couple of minutes. 

When we eventually move, and I no longer need this saw, I will re-instate the workmate, and the now, 1 1/2\” plywood top will be turned into wooden bar clamps, so nothing wasted!

Published by Phil Sale

I moved to Colombia from Spain in 2012, and I am happily married to a Colombiana.

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